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09 Polaris Dragon 800 Switchback


  • Engine & Drivetrain
  • Engine Type/Cooling : Liberty / Liquid
  • Cyl-Displacement (cc) : 2, 795
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) : 85 x 70
  • Horsepower : 154
  • Exhaust : SC VES , Single
  • Carburetion : Cleanfire Injection - 4
  • Disc Brake Type : Phantom, Hydraulic
  • Drive/Driven Clutch : P-85 / P2
  • Dimensions
  • Est. Dry Weight (lbs./kg.) : 536 / 243.1
  • Overall Length (in./cm.) : 120 / 308.4
  • Overall Width (in./cm.) : 48 / 121.9
  • Overall Height (in./cm.) : 48.5 / 123.2
  • Ski Center Distance(in./cm.) : 42.5 / 108
  • Fuel Capacity (gal./liters) : 11.5 / 43.5
  • Suspension
  • Front Suspension : IQ
  • Front Travel (in./cm.) : 10 / 25.4
  • Front Shocks : RydeFX Air 2.0
  • Ski Type : IQ
  • Rear Suspension : IQ 136 Coupled
  • Rear Travel (in./cm.) : 14 / 53
  • Front Track Shock : RydeFX , HPG, IFP
  • Rear Track Shock : RydeFX Comp. Adj.
  • Track (W x L x H in.) : 15 x 136 x 1.25 RipSaw
  • Features
  • Steering : Fixed - 5.25" Riser
  • Seat Type : Lightweight Freestyle
  • Gauge Type : Analog / Digital MFD
  • Windshield : 12" Matte Black
  • Electric Start : Standard
  • Reverse : PERC
  • 12v-DC Outlet : Accessory
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers : Std. Adjustable
  • Mirrors : Accessory
  • Rear Rack / Tow Hitch : Accessory
  • Color / Graphics : Matte White / Dragon

My Impressions:


Engine power delivery is very predictable and easily managed.

Coupled suspension is easy to set up for a variety of riding styles and situations.

Gas mileage is better then previous owned Polaris sleds, which is a plus.

Quality of build is top shelve, and is as good as any sled on the market today.

Ergonomics work and work well.

Sled draws looks where ever it is ridden.


Tool s are sparse. You get a plug wrench & clutch sheave expansion tool.

Note: if you want to set your belt deflection you will need to dig into your tool box for an Allen Wrench and 7/8" wrench.

Performance off trail is not as good as earlier model switchbacks. If I were to do more off trail I would recommend the RMK with a deeper lugged track.

Bottom Line:

This is not my first Polaris sled and it will not be my last either. I have had great luck with every Polaris Sled that I have owned. When it came time to replace my wife's 06 Polaris switchback, we decided to go with the very good looking and well appointed 09 Polaris Dragon 800 Switchback.

The 09's had an engine recall, and all of the 09's were refitted with 2010 heads, pistons, canisters, pipes, and their ecm's were re flashed with the 2010 programs. So basically the 09 is the same as a 2010 model almost.

My wife has been piling the miles on this sled and really likes the way the sled rides, and it's overall looks. Mind you this sled should have an abundance of power, but it seems to be lacking in my opinion for a world class 800 power mill. Remember it's not the gun that shoots someone, but the person pulling the trigger. If you pull the trigger on this sled it will quickly & smoothly take you to warp drive, but I feel there are other sleds available with an 800 engine that works much better.

One of the reasons that we chose the Dragon Switchback is because of it's 136" track which will allow you to go off trail, or cruise the groomed trails as you choose too. Is it a mountain sled, no, but you should be able to venture off trail with some confidence that you will not easily get stuck. When you cruise the groomed trails you will do so in comfort. The seat is built for riders comfort, and the long track eats up the bumps.

What has surprised me the most is that I am getting better gas mileage that I got with my Polaris 600 Switchback. That is a plus, and I feel confident to make those long trips off trail, away from gas stations.

The bottom line, this 09 Polaris Dragon 800 Switchback is right up there at the top of the food chain in the looks department, with other sleds of it's caliber. Yes, I am allowed to ride this sled from time to time too, that is if my wife is not putting miles on cruising through her favorite playground, in the Hiawatha Forest, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Would I recommend this sled to a potential buyer, yes, if you want a great ride, and super looks, and a sled that really rips when needed. Polaris makes this same sled with the very reliable Polaris 600 engine in it too, and that would be my choice for a less experienced rider!

Bergeron Marine Contact Info:

Bergeron's Marine

7794 Highway 2

Rapid River, Michigan 49878

Phone: (906)474-9202


Polaris Contact Info:

Web Site:


Polaris Industries, Inc.

2100 Highway 55

Medina, MN 55340



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