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Spring Order Only

Key Features:

  • Platform = REV-XP
  • Engines = Rotax E-TEC 800R, Rotax E-TEC 600 H.O., Rotax 4-TEC 1200
  • Colors = Black / White, Deep Black
  • Front suspension = Dual A-arm
  • Front shocks = HPG Plus R
  • Rear suspension = SC™-5
  • Center shock = HPG Plus
  • Rear shock = KYB Pro 36


  • New E-TEC 800R engine
  • REV-XP™ platform
  • SC™-5 rear suspension
  • KYB Pro 36 aluminum piggyback rear shock with dual-speed compression adjusters
  • Lightweight 1.25-inch lug RipSaw‡ track
  • Lightweight chromoly front suspension lower A-arm
  • HPG™ Plus R aluminum front shocks with no-tool rebound adjuster
  • Brembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line
  • REV-XP X seat
  • New 285-mm / 12-inch low windshield with wind deflectors
  • Multi-function digital gauge with display
  • RER™ electronic reverse
  • Electric fuel gauge
  • New hand wind deflectors
  • Painted tunnel
  • E-TEC 800R
  • New 155+ hp engine
  • New Dual air intakes
  • 4-TEC 1200
  • REV-XR platform
  • Mechanical reverse
  • 250-mm / 10-inch windshield

Full Specs

Tools and Accessories Used on the MXZ

C&T Powersports

Tools For 2010

Ski-Doo Engine Temperature Module

Part # 860200076

My Impressions:


Stock windshield works perfect to keep the cold air off you at speed.

800 E-TEC engine works smoothly and has the best gas mileage of any 800 class engine, and also is better then most 4 stroke sleds too.

Power is linear and pulls you to triple digit speeds as quick as you can pull the trigger on this bullet.

The fit and finish is top shelf.

Suspension works great and can be tuned to your own riding style very easily.


Only problem was winter was not long enough.

Bottom Line:

Unfortunately we moved to Montana shortly after receiving the new sled and, my time on this one was limited. As soon as I received this sled we installed the full treatment from Rich Daly, the Mad Scientist at DynoPort. DynoPort Muffler, Pipe & Y Pipe.

With this set up we achieved stellar launches that were very surprising indeed. I pulled an Arctic Cat 800 by 3 lengths in a drag race, and totally blew him away after reaching 100mph. On a final run before selling this sled I read 120mph on my gps, and that was a ride I will never forget.

Fuel mileage was touch and go through the break in period but very quickly jumped to over 20 miles per gallon after the break in. One thing you want to do is carry octane boost with you in case of getting bad fuel. On several occasions in the U.P. of Michigan I got fuel that was not fit for a VW to burn. If you get bad fuel on board your system's electronics will virtually shut you down, and the engine will work like it was a lazy dog. So beware of bad fuel, it is the E-TEC's worst nightmare.

I did not have a chance to run this E-TEC 800 for very long but I run the 800 E-TEC Summit most of the winter here in Montana, and I swear that motor is bullet proof. I did not have a single problem with this sled, and when I returned it to Ski-Doo it had over 3500 very hard miles on it.

The bottom line is this new 800 E-TEC engine for Ski-Doo rocks and I don't care what SKI-Doo platform you have it in, you will be very happy with your choice of sleds & engine.

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1-800-3-SKI-DOO (1-800-375-4366)

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