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2011 Can-Am Outlander 800 Xxc Winch Installation

Wandering around the mountain behind my house in S.W. MontanaWelcome

For our winch part of the installation we chose the tried and true XT 30 Warn Winch.

You will need these components to Install your winch on the 2011 Outlander 800 Xxc or on an 

Outlander with the Xxc bumper installed on it.


My Impressions:


Winch installation compliments the atv's ability to off road with confidence.

Easy installation, but should be installed by a person with exceptional mechanical & electrical knowledge.

Kit itself is self explanatory and is top shelf.

Note: Winch does not come with the kit, but a warn winch matches up very nicely with the BRP components.

If you don't have a winch installed, somewhere down the road you will wish you had it!



(Unless you are racing your Xxc the winch should be a mandatory order item when ordering your atv, especially if you are going boon-docking.)

Bottom Line:

When I received our 2011 Can-Am Outlander 800 Xxc, labelled right on the side of this bike with it's GNCC stickers, this makes a statement that this atv was bred to race. The way this atv is set up, from it's tires to its fox racing shocks, it just begs you to ride it hard.

My problem is although I like to ride hard, we also like to explore places that you can get in trouble very quickly if you don't watch yourself. Even sometimes you or your other riders get buried, or need winching up an impossible to climb hill. Sometimes just having that winch line attached to something solid at the top of your climb gives you the confidence to safely climb the hill with the assist of the winch.

So, if you look at any of the atv's we have here from my 700 Yamaha Raptor to the 2011 Can-Am Outlander 800 Xxc, you will see a Warn Winch attached to each atv, ready to save your bacon when needed. Like they say it is not a matter of if you get stuck, it is a matter of when you get stuck. Sometimes you are in an area that nobody can assist you too, so you need that winch on board to help you out.

My choice for this installation was the Warn XT 30. This comes with a remote and a hand held controller, plus synthetic robe. I really like the synthetic robe for it's many great benefits, and once you use this type of winch line it is hard to use any other. Can-Am has all the mounting kits you will need to install this winch, and is relatively easy to install with most tools you will have in your garage. The only hard thing I had to do was to cut the front bumper to allow a mounting place for the winch mounting plate. Just be careful when you do this, the rest of the installation is a breeze.

The Warn XT 30 fits like a glove and is a perfect match for this application. As you can see in my pictures above having this winch on my machine gives me the added confidence to allow me to climb these hills behind my house that are at close to 7,000 feet in elevation. I know that if I got to something to steep to climb it would just be a matter of getting my tree saver out and running some winch rope out. I carry the Warn Winching Kit with me at all times. This has a snatch block, some clevis's, tree saver, extra tow straps, and gloves in it, just a perfect combination of goodies to help me out when winching. Remember to respect the environment, use a tree saver when you winch out, and don't give the people that are trying to close our riding areas down, anymore fuel for their relentless pursuit of trail closures!

The bottom line is, if you travel off the beaten paths, you will eventually need the service of a winch to get you out, or your buddy. You will be really glad that you installed that winch on your machine before you went exploring that atv honey hole of yours. I have used my winch to get unstuck at the sand dunes, out of mud holes, hauling out the Fed-Ex truck from my ditch, to hanging deer in my garage. I am sure you will find a unique use for your winch too.

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To find your nearest authorized Can‑Am ATV dealer, visit the 

Bombardier Recreational Products Dealer Locator Link above, or call: 1-877-4-my-ride (1-877-469-7433)

For Customer Assistance, call:

715-848-4957 U.S.A.

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