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2019 KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering

Exploring The Wilds Of Wyoming On The New 2019 KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering

We recently acquired a 2019 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXI with power steering to test and review here at headquarters in Wyoming, USA. Please follow along with us as we test out this all new redesigned powerhouse from Suzuki.

Suzuki operates an All-Terrain Vehicle assembly plant in Rome, Georgia. Active since 2001, Suzuki Manufacturing of America (SMAC) exclusively builds Suzuki’s award-winning line of utility-focused ATVs for worldwide distribution. Suzuki launched all-new versions of its KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500 in May, and we have the newest & bestest.

Suzuki claims some major new features, and we will be testing these as we explore Wyoming and thereabouts. It is late fall here now, so the snow has started to fly, and we will be pressing this atv to it's limits.

When I did my initial walk around at Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. in Brea, CA, I was really impressed by how far the KingQuad has evolved. Fit and finish is top shelf, and everything has it's place & function. The key features that I am listing below are also things that anyone looking for a top of the line atv will be looking for in an atv.

Our machine is a cool new green, which is growing on me more and more everyday. One thing Suzuki doesn't point out in their key features is how comfortable the seat is. I have had several people sit on this machine and all the feed back is very positive. I keep hearing that " I could ride this all day, the seat is that comfortable." Add power steering, a new more powerful motor, with superb clutching, what can a guy say. We also have tons of nooks and crannies to store items, and racks that can hold all your gear. Having a fully locking differential is pure bliss to me, and I look forward to ascending some of these monster hills here at home in the wilds of Wyoming.

Check out below, a few of the key features on this new redesigned powerhouse from Suzuki.

SMOOTHER & STRONGER : High output engine and updated CVT transmission combine for smooth power and torque delivery with stronger acceleration.*

BETTER CONTROL & COMFORT : Fully independent suspension with new gas-charged front and rear shocks contribute to precise handling on any terrain

INCREASED TOWING CAPACITY : Towing capacity increased to 1322 lbs. with new, receiver-type trailer hitch mount.

NEW FRAME : Frame rigidity increased and rear suspension and final drive case brackets are reinforced for added strength.

IMPROVED STEERING : The electronic power steering module has over 30% higher output to significantly reduce steering effort.*

NEW HEADLIGHT : A new handlebar-mounted headlight is added, which illuminates the trail where the steering is pointed.

LED TAILLIGHT : A low-draw LED taillight has been added for better visibility.

LCD INSTRUMENT PANEL : New multi-function LCD instrument panel with service reminder.

ADDED STORAGE : Three storage compartments for optimum convenience.

Come along with us as we explore Wyoming & Montana on the King! We will be posting our reviews of this machine, on our website at, our forum, Facebook, and our other various news feeds.

If you need to get down and dirty and check out this machine and many more of what Suzuki has to offer you before we get going with our adventures, just click on the link below and start your own exploration.

Testing with pilot Mike Miner!

My Impressions:

Field testing the 2019 750 Suzuki King Quad AXI power steering, at the sand dunes here in Wyoming.

Let me tell you, I understand why there is such a following among King Quad owners. This is absolutely the most comfortable atv I have ever driven. In my humble opinion it also has one of the best working power-steering units of any atv out there.

Power is through a 722CC single cylinder, and this thumper simply works awesome. Along with awesome stump pulling torque, it has fully locking 4 wheel drive, that allows this beast to climb anything with ease. I tried 4 low out for grins but I didn't need it here today.

I would like to gripe about the tires, but I didn't get stuck today, so they work just fine.

I have read that some journalists that tested this machine had a problem with it bottoming out in the rough stuff. OK myth buster, we run this machine on its lowest spring setting with a bunch more stiffness to go if we wanted it, not! I am 220, and my other C0-Rider is close to my weight, and we could not bottom this machine out. Maybe if you were upwards of 400+ lbs, maybe you could, my suggestion would be to go on a diet first

So, so far we have climbed almost everything with ease, jumped the living daylights out of this machine, and pulled some awesome cat walks as well. Yes it has plenty of power to suit most people.

Bottom-line, I could ride this machine all day, on any trail anywhere, and be as happy as a clam!

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