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TPX Main Console Model # A-01-01

TPX Main Console Model # A-01-01

Designed with the outdoors rider in mind, the Main Console is water, shock, and vibration resistant. It features oversized buttons for ease of use with riding gloves. Its large, angled, top-positioned LCD optimizes viewing from all riding positions and is easily viewable in direct sunlight.

Note: The Main Console is designed to be used with the TPX Wireless Headset and or TPX Visual Alert which we are featuring in this review. It has a 3.5mm mono auxiliary-out jack for integration with other audio or communication systems. Powered directly from the motorcycle’s battery with the included Wiring Harness.

The Main Console detects all police radar and laser bands and is certified by Speed Measurement Labs, an independent laboratory considered by many to be the leader in the field of radar detector testing.

TPX Main Console Model # A-01-01

Key Features

  • Exceptional Radar and Laser Detection
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant Design
  • Oversize, Backlit Control Buttons
  • Angled, Backlit, Daylight Visible LCD
  • Compatible with other Communication or Audio Systems
  • Simple Installation

Note: Wireless Headset, Visual Alert, and Mounts sold separately.

TPX Visual Alert Model # A-02-02

Key Features

  • Ultra Bright LEDs
  • Adjustable LED Intensity
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • Water Resistant Construction

TPX Wireless Headset Model # A-02-01

Key Features
  • Wireless Communication with TPX™ Main Console
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Compatible with Most Full and Open Face Helmets
  • Battery Included
  • Easy Battery Replacement

TPX Handlebar Mount Model # A-04-06


  • The TPX Handlebar Mount is designed with light weight, black anodized, aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Its double ball-joint design provides a high degree of freedom for optimal positioning.
  • The Handlebar Mount is designed for motorcycles with 1-1/4”, 1” and 7/8” (22mm) diameter.

TPX Automotive Mount Model # A-04-08


  • The TPX Automotive Mount allows you to use your TPX Main Console in your vehicles.
  • It is designed to be mounted on the dashboard.
  • Comes with cigarette lighter adapter cord.

My Impressions:


Available mounting hardware to mount in an vehicle or on any bike.

Water resistant, shock & vibration resistant construction.

Large, back lit buttons for easy use and better visibility.

Multiple visual & audible alerts keep you posted when treats are detected.



Bottom Line:

I jumped at a chance to review the new Adaptiv TPX Radar & Laser Detection System. I want quality, reliable, accurate, & dependable radar detection at all times while driving my street vehicles, and my off road vehicles.

This new radar detector system from Adapitv allows you to safely use your radar detector in your truck, car, or on any outdoors vehicle that is exposed to the elements without fear of getting it wet. So you can buy one detector to use in all of your vehicles, instead of investing in several that will only function in a dry environment.

This detector has an abundance of audible & visual warning systems. I really like the fact that the large buttons are very easy to use anytime.

I found all the controls, such as lighting, sound, and setting up the different modes very intuitive, even for a gear head like myself.

So far in our testing we have found the KA band detection to be equal with any of the high dollar radar detectors that we are using presently. This is impressive, and should deter many a potential speeding ticket.

We haven't had a chance to test against any laser guns yet, but we are working on sitting this test up.

I bet you are asking yourself why we are using this detector on an atv? You don't get stopped for speeding on an atv, but you are so so wrong about that one!

We legally ride on dirt roads here, but the speed limit for atv's & side by sides is only 25 mph. There is the occasion that one might run slightly faster then the posted speed limit, especially since local traffic can go the posted 55 mph.

It is a little unnerving when a pickup truck pulls up behind you at over 55 mph on a dirt road, and sprays rocks all over you when they go flying past you. So out of self preservation we sometimes pick up the pace a little, and it is very nice to be able to accurately monitor for speed traps.

So, dollar for dollar the new TPX Radar System from Adaptiv will ultimately save you money in the long run. I highly recommend investing in this valued piece of equipment if you drive anything! So far it has saved me several trips to the court house already, and that to me is money in the bank. Thank you Adaptiv for making a very versatile, accurate, and dependable radar detector.

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Adaptiv Technologies LLC

459 Columbus Avenue, Suite 709

New York, NY 10024



866-Adaptiv (866-232-7848)




Purchase Online:

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