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ATVPT Job Descriptions


All employment with atvpt is voluntary, and all positions are non-paid.

Most products become the property of the reviewer after the 6 month review commitment is fulfilled. Any product that needs to be returned to company headquarters will be specified to the reviewer prior to reviewing the product by the company Pres..

Any money that is received by atvpt will be used for maintenance of the web site, kid’s safety programs, and travel to current shows and events.



Maintain company policies and direct future company growth.

Over see company operations and employees.

Take care of advertising, marketing, new products, and any other major company function.



Work closely with the Pres. to maintain company procedure and vendor relations.

Over see Regional Editors, Field Editors, Contributing editors, Web Master, and Pro Test Riders.

Actively promote company, advertising, and other company functions with the request of the Pres..

Regional Editor

Senior Position

Review products and provide completed or first impression reviews for upload to website.

Review and edit all reviews for Field Editors in your area, before they are uploaded to web site.

Over see all Field Editors in local area.

Recruit new Field editors as needed per Presidents request.

Work with web master to maintain high quality & professional reviews for web site.

Web Master

Technical Position

Maintain web site & forum.

Upload new reviews to web site.

Continuously upgrade web site to maintain a high professional standard.

Photographer / Video Technician



Photograph & video atv activities and events wherever atvpt participates.


Attend atv shows and photo document atv's, new product lines, etc..


Edit and prepare photo's & video's for webmaster to insert in web site or forum.


Maintain camera equipment as needed.


Work directly with Senior atvpt personnel.

Field Editor

Mid Level Position

Review products and do reviews per senior employees directions and guidance.

Work under the guidance of the Regional Editor.

Contributing Editor

Independent Editor Position

Provide independent reviews and stories for web site & forum.

Work under the guidance of a senior employee, vp, or Pres..

All articles must be approved by the Pres. before they are uploaded to the web site.

Pro-Test Rider

Pro Rider Position

Test ride factory supplied vehicles under the guidance of a senior employee.

Supply opinions on vehicle performance.

Test ride within yours, and the vehicles operational performance boundaries.

Field Tester

Junior Position

Product Field Tester

Field test products and provide review criteria to Regional Editor.

Fill out review to send to senior editor for review and editing prior to uploading review to website.

Maintain a professional approach to reviewing product.

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