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2010 Polaris Ranger RZR 4

Test Platform

Axia Alloys Convex Side Mirror


  • These billet side mirrors have a 4.0" outer diameter and are fitted with a scratch resistant convex mirror for unmatched clarity and maximum blind spot reduction.
  • They are fully adjustable and feature a locking mechanism that keeps them adjusted perfectly.
  • They can take a pretty good hit from a branch without movement.
  • Their light weight cut out design gives your UTV that custom look to separate you from the crowd.
  • This billet side mirror is just one of the many attachments that are available for the modular roll cage clamping system.
  • This innovative system allows you to choose from several different sizes of strap clamps depending on your roll cage tubing diameter, and apply these clamps to a variety of unique attachments.
  • These strap clamps have an extremely low profile around the cage tubing for clearance under windshields, roofs, and other accessories, not to mention a custom look that is not available with other larger clamps.


  • Includes 1 mirror assembly and the two necessary strap clamps.Clamping system products will only work with Arctic Cat Prowler if there is an aftermarket round tubing roll cage installed


  • Mirror adjustment is made simple by the excellent design and placement of these 2 bolts.
  • I slipped the plastic wrapper around the roll cage, and then pressed the clamps on.
  • This keeps the paint from being chipped.
  • Note: be careful not to stretch the clamp to far apart before you install the clamp.
  • Make sure you get your bolts in the position you want them.
  • I chose to have the locking nuts facing away from me.
  • Adjust the clamp to where you want the mirrors to be viewed from.
  • I adjusted both mirrors so the driver can see both sides of the vehicle.
  • If you want you can easily adjust the passenger side mirror so they can see facing rearward too.

Finished installation. This didn't take very long to install and does this Rzr 4 look sharp now.

I am really impressed with the quality of the parts from Axia Alloys.

My Impressions:


Low profile billet aluminum clamps.

Excellent fit and finish.

Scratch resistant convex mirror.

Billet aluminum construction, made in the U.S.A..

Can be mounted on most roll cages just by choosing the correct size of clamp.

Almost unlimited range of adjustment.



Bottom Line:

Recently we installed the center mounted rear view mirror from Axia Alloys, and it was suggested that we also try out the Axia Side Mount rear view mirrors also. I was a little hesitant at first, but as soon as I installed these mirrors I was amazed at how well they worked, and it didn't hurt that they have killer looks to boot.

In my opinion these are the finest hand crafted billet aluminum mirrors that I have seen so far for the Polaris Rzr. They are a breeze to install, and they look like they belong on this vehicle. I have installed some aftermarket parts on vehicles, and found them to stick out, and not fit with the looks of your machine. Why spend good hard earned money on parts if they don't enhance your pride and joy's looks! You certainly will not go wrong by investing in Axia Alloys products.

A tip when installing your brackets, is to use the plastic wrapper as a roll cage protector to protect your paint, when you slide the clamp on. Take a look at the pictures above in the installation section, to check out how I did it. You could chip your paint if you don't do something similar during your clamp installation.

The bottom line is, if you want quality aftermarket billet aluminum parts on your Rzr, you need to take a look at what Axia Alloys has for your vehicle. What they offer is top shelf in my books, and I am a very satisfied customer.

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Axia Alloys

6503 W. Frye Rd. Suite# 11

Chandler, AZ 85226


Phone & Fax:

Ph: 480-216-6266

Fax: 480-598-8270


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