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Ford Raptor 6.2 Test Truck

Dual Side Exit Exhaust System for Ford Raptor

Part # 621544


Fits: Ford Raptor with the 6.2 engine.

Dual Side Exit Exhaust System.

Stainless steel mandrel bent 3" tubing into muffler, with 2-1/2" out to a 4" dual tip.

Dyno tested power and performance over oem exhaust.


Installation is very easy if you have the appropriate tools & skill set, and can be installed by most any back yard mechanic at home in a few hours.

Just follow the supplied instructions for your kit. They are step by step and very easy to follow.

Test ride.

My Impressions:


Stainless steel mandrel bent 3" tubing into muffler.

2-1/2" out to a 4" dual tip.

Fit and fitment is perfect, and construction is top shelf.

Price is right on par with the high quality product you are buying.

Dyno tested and proven.


None yet.

My Impressions:

We recently installed the Bassani cat delete system on our Ford Raptor, and it fit and works flawlessly. I tried a number of aftermarket exhaust systems, plus my oem exhaust system on my truck, but we didn't like the sound, or the loss in performance that these systems offered us.

Bassani recently released a new side exit exhaust system for the Ford Raptor and I jumped at the chance to try this out mated to the Bassani Cat Delete.

The installation is fairly straight forward and can be done in your garage with the correct tools. Bassani engineers have done their homework and the system fits like a glove, and is very easy to install, although it is nice to have an extra set of hands to help out.

Previous mods to the Raptor, included the Edge Evo HT2 tuner, Bassani cat delete system, a more free flowing K&N intake system, along with new plugs, and Granatelli high performance spark plug wires. We are using Kanati Trail Hog tires mounted on Vision Raptor wheels to put our extra power to the ground.

The Edge Evo HT2 tuner allows us to tune our vehicle for the more free flowing exhaust among other cool features. If you don't have a tuner you should get one. You will need it to get the full potential out of your more free flowing engine.

Once we had everything installed, the new tune in place, and finished another short break in period to allow the computer to adjust to the new tune, it was time again to see what we had. I can feel a seat of the pants improvement in power, plus a significant improvement in gas mileage when you don't have your foot in it. Sound wise, I noticed that the crisp header like rasp from my exhaust is gone now.

The sound is very robust, and reminiscent of something you would hear from muscle cars from the 60's and 70's with side exit exhausts.

The bottom line is if you want to have a top quality exhaust system, then I suggest taking the Bassani route. The system fits perfect, is quality built, sounds great, and makes my truck perform better. What is not to like

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Bassani Manufacturing

2900 E. La Jolla

Anaheim, Ca 92806


(714) 630-1821


(714) 630-2980


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