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Bassani Xhaust 3" Y-Pipe on the 2011 Ford Raptor 6.2 Engine

Part# 62154-2

3" Off-Road Stainless Steel Y-Pipe that connects to the stock manifolds and exhaust system.

Package includes left & right side Y pipe, anti seize, 3" torca clamp, with 2 1/2 x 3/8 bolt, nuts and washers.


3" Y pipe ready to be installed.

Before you can get the oem y pipe out you have to follow these steps provided in the Bassani directions.

1. Remove the plate underneath the transfer case attached to the trans cross-member and left chassis rail.

2. Next remove the two bolts that hold the heat shields on the top of the trans cross-member.

3. Remove the 4 O2 sensors (Mark the positions of each sensor for easy re-installment.) which will be reused in the new Bassani y pipe.

4. Support the transmission and transfer case with the weight just off the cross-member, after removing the nuts from the trans mount.

5. Next remove the trans cross-member, then unbolt the mount from the trans. I found it easy to remove by placing a jack underneath the mount, to take the pressure off of the bolts.

6. Remove the stock cat pipe by unbolting at the manifolds, and at the ball socket. You will have to push the exhaust system rearward to get clearance to lower the cat pipe. I found it easier to remove part of the trans hanger mounts first, and most of the bolts to get the hangers to release. A little spray lube at the exhaust hangers, at it will move backward a lot easier.

Here is a comparison of the oem pipe versus the top quality Bassani pipe. Notice how stout the Bassani openings are compared to the oem inlets?

Here is an old hot rodders tech tip: When you remove the cats you have a lot more flow over the rear O2 sensors, and if you install these Spark plug Non-Foulers part # 42002 & 42009 together, you will raise the sensor high enough to not set off a code.

You will have to drill the 42002 out with a 1/2 inch drill so the ends will fit into the non-fouler as shown in the pics above. Just install the two coupled non-foulers in the rear sensor ports with a little anti-seize, and install your O2 sensors after you have your new y-pipe installed.

Note: I tried just the one 42002 non fouler by itself and it threw a code. I added the shorter 42009 to the 42002, and no codes. I also did not drill out the 42009 like I did the 42002 non-fouler.

(So, attach the stock 42009 first, then the drilled out 42002, and then attach the 02 sensors when you finish installing the y-pipe.)

7. Once you have the cat pipe removed, take off the trans mount, and slide it onto the hanger on the new Bassani Pipe. I partially removed the trans mount while removing the oem pipe, and this made it easier to remove the oem pipe, and to install the new pipe. Now install the new Bassani pipe in the reverse order that you removed the old cat pipe.

8. Make sure the spacer sleeves are installed into the inlets of the new Y-Pipe. Also slide the left side pipe into the right side crossover tube with the supplied 3" clamp slid over first.Snug up the clamp to keep it in place but leave the joint loose enough to allow for adjustment during installation.

We removed the aftermarket exhaust system that we have been running for some time because it was just to noisy with the y-pipe installed. I reinstalled the oem exhaust system and was pleasantly pleased at how nice my truck sounds and performs now.

Note: Anti-seize should be applied to all fastener threads, pipe slip joints, and mating surfaces of ball/socket connections.

Test drive time!

My Impressions:


Stainless steel mandrel bent 3" tubing.

Fit and fitment is perfect, and construction is top shelf.

Direct factory fitment to the oem exhaust and head pipes. At this time this is the only y-pipe available to fit the oem exhaust system.

Price is right on par with the high quality product you are buying.


None yet.

My Impressions:

I have been searching for a way to remove the oem cats from my exhaust system on my Ford Raptor without installing headers and a completely new exhaust system. Most of the aftermarket companies that make headers for my truck require their exhaust system to make it work. I only found one header manufacturer that made a set of headers that would work with my oem exhaust.

To my knowledge Bassani is the only one today that manufactures a Catless Y-Pipe for my trucks engine configuration. Their pipe is top shelf quality just like their other exhaust components that they have been producing for years. This is a 3" mandrel bent, stainless steel off-road Catless Y-Pipe that is specifically designed to fit your oem exhaust system without any modifications.

The installation is fairly straight forward and can be done in your garage with the correct tools. We added spark plug antifoulers to help extend our rear O2 sensors out of the exhaust flow. These help to eliminate engine codes later on.

We are already using the Edge Evo HT tuner, so we were able to tune our vehicle for the more free flowing exhaust. If you don't have a tuner you should get one. You will need it to get the full potential out of your more free flowing engine.

We have previously added a more free flowing K&N intake system, along with new plugs, and Granatelli high performance spark plug wires. We are using Kanati Trail Hog tires mounted on Vision Raptor wheels to put our extra power to the ground.

Once we had everything installed, the new tune in place, and finished a short break in period to allow the computer to adjust to the new tune, it was time to see what we had. For me, I can feel a seat of the pants improvement in power, plus a significant improvement in gas mileage when you don't have your foot in it. Sound wise, I notice a crisp header like rasp from my exhaust now, and I like it. It is not too loud or obnoxious like some systems are. We did have an aftermarket exhaust system on it during our trial runs and I found it sounded like we were running glass packs. It was to much for my hearing to deal with, so off it came, and on went the oem exhaust system. I get more engine noise in the cab, then I do exhaust noise, so this set up is all personal preference. I am going for more power, better performance, improved gas mileage, not a quiet vehicle. This set up that I am running currently seems like the perfect combination for my needs.

The bottom line is if you want to remove your cats with the least amount of work, then I suggest taking the Bassani route. The Y-Pipe fits like a glove, and its 3" too boot. I might check out the Bassani muffler system later on, but for now we are still testing what we have, and I like it.

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Bassani Manufacturing

2900 E. La Jolla

Anaheim, Ca 92806


(714) 630-1821


(714) 630-2980


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