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BCA Stash Throttle Back Pack Review

Snowmobile-access pack features:

  • Volume: 2135 cubic inches/35 liters.
  • Weight: 54 ounces/1530 grams.
  • Torso lengths: 17-22 inches.
  • Hydration: 100 ounces/3 liter reservoir.
  • Highlights: designed by snowmachiners, quick access to pockets while sitting.
  • Color: available in black only.

My Impressions:


2135 cubic inches/35 liters of volume at 54 ounces/1530 grams of weight makes for a very comfortable back pack with tons of room.

Pockets, tons of pockets, and specialty pockets for items like your glasses or goggles so they don't get scratched.

Most rugged, bullet proof, moisture resistant,and best built back pack made for atving, snowmobiling, or any other outdoors sports where you need this type of back pack.



Bottom Line:

We have been using BCA Products here at for several years now, and we have never had a Back Pack failure yet. These bags should be quoted as Military Grade Quality. I went through a boat load of back packs before finding BCA, and this is a match made in heaven for us.

We use a back pack to carry our valuable, & fragile camera equipment, besides other important cargo I prefer to use a back pack over a rear saddle bag, because I know my camera equipment might have a better chance of surviving the ride. There is just too much bouncing going on inside of a rear saddle bag. They have their important uses, but carrying my camera's is not one of them!

BCA is one company that listens to the end users of their products for advice, or complaints about their products. Let's face it nobody is perfect, and as individuals we all want some different feature in the product we use. BCA set back and took notes about what we snowmobilers would like to see new in a back pack design.

BCA trumped everybody by coming up with the BCA Stash Throttle Back Pack, designed by Snowmobiler's, for Snowmobiler's. I had to include the BCA Video above that points out the different features of the back pack, well done, and I can't top that one guys.

All I can say about this bag is wow, I have separate storage areas for everything I carry now. The glasses/goggles pocket rocks! All the little storage areas allow you to separate the smaller items and keep them packed away snugly until needed. The bag attaches to your torso perfectly and rides like it was a part of your outfit. I have actually been driving down the trail, and have had to look down and check to see that I still had my back pack on. This is how nice this back pack rides on your body.

So, in my opinion, this is the most useful, durable, and quality built back pack that I have ever used while doing out door activities!

Bottom line is, if have never tried any of the BCA Products, you are missing out. Money is to hard to come by these days, and I want to make sure that I get the maximum value for any product that I purchase to use. This is why I choose BCA for my Back pack needs.

Contact Info:

Web Site:



2820 Wilderness Place, Suite H

Boulder CO, 80301



P: 303.417.1345

F: 303.417.1625


Purchase BCA products Online:

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