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2010 Can-Am Renegade 800R Xxc

Test Platform

Can-Am Renegade Winch Kit

Part # 715000254

 Kit complete with:

  • Lightweight Warn 1,500 lbs (680 kg) winch.
  • Synthetic rope.
  • Roller fairlead.
  • Mounting plates.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Note: Specifically designed for the Renegade.


Installation instructions in PDF form. sheet XT15 Winch.pdf

The instructions that come with the Can-Am Winch Kit are pretty detailed and if you follow them to the letter your installation will not take to long. Anybody with some mechanical knowledge and the basic tools can install this winch kit, it is that easy.

First remove your front bumper and following the directions prep it for the winch to fit on.

As per the directions, install the winch & mount to the front bumper assembly.

BRP makes installing the wiring portion of the winch installation by coming pre-wired to attach the winch switch and also the winch contactor wires.

All you have to do is plug in your winch switch, and your contactor plug, then run your wires to the rear to hook up to your power supply. Like I said, follow the directions and this is a very easy installation thanks to some pre-thought from BRP.

As you can see the winch is a very neat set up as pictured here. You can hardly notice that you have a winch installed, but you will be glad you have it when the time comes.

My Impressions:


Installation is a breeze due to the Renegade being pre-wired to accept the contactor power supply and the winch switch. It is simply plug and play.

The 1500 lb. winch does not add too much extra weight to the front end of the atv, which maintains the same great handling as before.

The mount is very easy to install and in my opinion adds extra rigidity to the front bumper system.

Winch is tried and proven, manufactured by Warn.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

If you ride atv's, you will eventually have need to get yourself out of stuck situations, or help someone else get to safer ground.

You might say that hey, I have a tow strap, who needs a winch? That is all well enough, but sometimes you quite simply will need a winch to get yourself out of a precarious situation. There are lots of times that using a tow strap is not a safe alternative to winching.

I am finding that the Warn 1500 is adequate for most winching, but performs much better when you use a snatch block to increase the power out put. Sometimes you do not need a really heavy, but powerful winch to help you navigate through off camber winching situations. Many times I use the winch to keep me from flipping backwards, or rolling over while climbing steep approaches. In this type of winching, bigger is not always better.

Also if you don't want a lot of weight hanging off your front end, this is a great option instead of installing the 1500's bigger brothers on your machine. Remember weight over the front end will effect your handling characteristics a lot. If you are into doing a lot of high speed trail work or desert running, this set up will be an excellent choice for you.

Bottom line is I highly recommend this winch installation if you want to have that extra security of knowing that you can get your machine out of unwanted situations if the need arises. I honestly do not feel comfortable running any of our machines unless we have a winch installed on it. Right now every machine in our fleet has a winch installed on it, including my project Yamaha Raptor 700.

I suggest having the warn winching accessory kit with this application.


  • Double your pulling power, change your pulling direction, and keep your winch in proper working order.
  • The WARN Accessory Kit is essential gear for getting the most out of your WARN ATV Winch.
  • Accessory Kits include two shackles, snatch block, and two 1"x8' (25.4mm x 2.4m) tree trunk protectors.
  • Each kit comes in a black Cordura heavyweight nylon soft case.

Contact info:

Web Site:

Dealer Locator:

To find your nearest authorized Can‑Am ATV dealer, visit the Bombardier Recreational Products Dealer Locator Link above, or call: 1-877-4-my-ride (1-877-469-7433)

For Customer Assistance, call:

715-848-4957 U.S.A.

819-566-3366 Canada

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