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2009 MXZ Renegade X 800R Performance Clutch Rebuild Project

Sponsored by: Dalton Industries & C&T Powersports

In order to effectively work on your Ski-doo's Clutches you will need some special tools to help you disassemble your primary & secondary clutches with. For this project we went with C&T powersports who makes pretty well every specialty tool you will need to disassemble your Ski-Doo Clutches with.

For clutch components we chose Dalton Industries because of their years of experience in building performance clutching components. Dalton is a house old name with ATVPT, and the owner just happens to be a close personal friend of mine. Dale lives in the same town I went to school in, so you know there is history there, and we go back a long time. The clutching components we are using with this clutch tear down is from suggestions from Industry people, like Big John from Sled Head Racing, Kelsey from RK Tek, Art from Engine Tech, and from others who have much more experience in clutch tuning then I do. Please refer any clutch tuning questions to these people, or someone familiar with your motor & clutch set-up.

C&T Powersports Tools Used in this Project

Complete Clutch Compressor Kit

for 2008-2009 XP / XR Sleds

Part # SDC-1

  • Clutch Compressor Kit is everything you need for Clutch Kit installation and maintenance.
  • This tool works on both clutches of the 2008-2009 XP / XR Sleds.
  • Detailed instructions and the "How To" DVD are included.

Clutch Compressor Kit Components If Purchased Separately:

Clutch Compressor with Base

Part # SDC-3

The Clutch Compressor with Base works on Both clutches of the pre-2008 and the

Primary clutch on the 2008-2009 Ski-Doo sleds.

QRS Secondary Clutch Tool for 2008-2009 Ski-Doo XP & XR Sleds

Part # SDQRS-1

The QRS Tool is for the Secondary Clutch disassembly and re-assembly when installing a clutch kit or doing maintenance on your XP or XR sled.

Clutch Puller Bolt

Part # SDPB-9

The Clutch Puller Bolt works on all Ski-Doo

600 700 800 twin cylinder and 600 700 800 triple cylinder.

Button Retainer Forks

Part # SDBR-10

The Button Retainer Forks hold the buttons in place while the TRA primary clutch is being disassembled. Made from stainless steel.

Clutch Holder for all Ski-Doo TRA Clutches

Part # SDCH-11

This handy tool holds the clutch from moving while you are removing and installing your puller bolt.

"How To" DVD

Part # DVD-1

The DVD will show you how to take your Ski-Doo Primary clutch apart in order to install a clutch kit or do sled maintenance.

This DVD explains the complete disassembly and re-assembly of the TRA Primary, and also the REV Secondary Clutches.

Exhaust Spring Pullers

12" Exhaust Spring Puller

Part # SDEP-12

The 12 inch Exhaust Spring Puller will make pulling your exhaust

quite simple.

6" Exhaust Spring Puller

Part # SDEP-6

The 6" Exhaust Spring Puller is a great little tool that fits in your sled's tool kit.

It will be readily handy for more easily pulling your exhaust, if necessary, while on the trail.

Quick Change Belt Tool

Quick Change Belt Tool for 2008 XP & XR Sleds

Part # SDQC-1

The Quick Change Belt Tool is the Fastest Tool on the market for changing your belt.

In a contest, we had our belt off of the sled before the OEM removal tool could even be taken out of the tool kit.

This tool fits right next to the factory tool kit in your sled.

Primary Clutch Removal & Modification

After watching the C&T Powersports How To Video, doing this project was a breeze.

Note the 6" Clutch Spring Puller Tool nestled in the tool kit.

Use the belt removal tool to quickly remove the cvt belt.

Remove your primary clutch bolt and get your clutch puller bolt ready.

Lightly lubricate your puller bolt before you use it.

I used the clutch holder wrench so the clutch did not turn while I used the clutch puller bolt to remove the clutch.

Follow the video's instructions to separate the clutch halves.

These button retainer forks work sweet.

Separate your clutch and use the clutch compressor to tighten down the cap so you can remove the 3 bolts.

Note: Be careful you do loose the washers on these bolts.

Notice the difference in primary spring size.

This is a good time to clean your primary clutch parts before you install the new spring.

Notice where the alignment marks are, because you need to reinstall the cap with the arrows aligned.

The clutch holder tool works nice to hold the clutch while you tighten the cap bolts.

Do not lose this washer when you are cleaning your clutch. This is a weight to keep your clutch balanced.

Changing the weights over to that Dalton set-up is a breeze, just follow the directions for whatever weight group you choose.

Make sure you use the new cotter pins.

Slide the new weights in like in the picture. This will keep the washers from dropping out on you.

I used the blue loctite to secure the weights.

When you reinstall your clutch halves, make sure they align with the alignment marks.

Reinstall the clutch bolt and torque to spec.

Now to move on to the Secondary Clutch.

Secondary Clutch Removal & Modification

Removing the secondary clutch is a pain. Who's bright idea was it to attach the jack shaft to the clutch like this?

Be careful when you remove the jack shaft bolt from the chain case. If you don't have the tool to hold the sprocket and the spacer behind it, you may have to remove the chain case to reinstall it correctly.

This is a joy to do, nottttt.

Both of the spring pullers work great.

The 12" puller is great for the tool box, and the 6" puller can be carried in your sleds tool pouch.

I had to remove my muffler to get at the chain case, so these tools came in very handy.

Here is the new Dalton Helix & Spring beside the OEM Spring & Helix.

The Dalton Helix is impressive.

The reason you have to remove the secondary clutch with the jack shaft attached is to be able to remove the bolts that hold the Helix in place.

Installing the secondary clutch tool is a breeze and makes this part of the job very easy.

Make sure you align the Helix up correctly when you install the new helix, or you have trouble!

There are alignment marks on the Dalton Helix, so it is hard to mess this up.

Reinstall your rear bolts and you are ready to reinstall the secondary clutch.

It is nice to have a second pair of hands to do this part of the job.

Note: Be very careful you do not drop or lose the spacer that goes between your chain sprocket and the chain case.

Reinstall your belt.

Button everything back up, and you are ready to rock.

My Impressions:


Quality built specialty tools that work!

Powder coated for a durable finish.

Priced right.


I pulled a pin out of the belt removal tool, but it was an easy fix with a new larger pin.

Bottom Line:

I have to say without the assistance of C&T Powersports Special Ski-Doo Clutch Tools, and the parts from Dalton Industries, this project would never have got off the ground.

I virtually used every tool that is listed above, to do the clutch project on my Ski-Doo MXZ Renegade X 800 R. Without the specialized clutch tools I would have had to have the shop do this clutch job for me.

Bare in mind this whole job is a lot of work, and if you are not handy with tools you need to leave this job to a trained professional if you don't feel comfortable with this type of project. A clutch is something you do not want to have come apart on you when you are riding hard on the trail.

All I can say is if I have to work on my clutch now, I am ready. My tool box is definately very happy now.

Chris from C&T Powersports has put a lot of thought and hard work into making these tools for us. Thank you Chris. You have done a great job.

Bottom line is, if you are going to do any kind of clutch work on your sled you will need special tools for the job. If you have a Ski-Doo, Chris at C&T Powersports can set up with the right tools for your clutch work.

If you are going to fly on the trail, make sure You " Fly Dalton", you will be glad you did!

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You can purchase all C&T Powersports items online.

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