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XP A-Arm Protector/Floater

Part # SDXP-1

Fits all 2008-2009 Ski-Doo XP's


  • A-arm protectors/Floaters are made of 1/8 aluminum.
  • Powder coated to the color of your choice.
  • Includes Stainless Steel mounting hardware.


  • Note: This installation is a breeze and you can quite easily do it in no time at all.
  • Slip the clamps on over the a-arms as shown in picture # 1.
  • Loosely fit the a-arm protector as shown in picture # 2.
  • Position the a-arm protector where you want it and tighten down the clamps securely.

Before & After Pictures:

My Impressions:


Quality built with durable aluminum.

Available powder coated with different colors to match your sled.

Simple installation.

Reasonable price.



Bottom Line:

Up here in the U.P. of Michigan we do a lot of off trail snowmobiling. In doing so, you run the risk of hitting hidden objects, like stumps & rocks.

This is part of the risk involved with taking that plunge into the unknown.

Dave from U.P. Cycle & Sport in Iron Mountain Michigan asked me when I was going to install a skid plate & a-arm guards on my new MXZ? I asked him, do I really need them? He told me to take a look under the front of my sled to see how exposed the front end & a-arms were.

It only took one brief look to see how I had been playing Russian Roulette with my sleds front end all winter.

A quick call to Chris at C&T Powersports and I was convinced that his A-Arm guards were what I needed to protect my sleds a-arms. Chris also offers powder coating to match your sleds color.

He has a good selection of colors, and we decided to go with the gloss white, which you can see in the pictures above. This color matched some of the sleds plastic, and will match the white Skid Plate that we will be installing next.

One of the added benefits of having these cool looking a-arm guards is the fact that you will get a little better front end flotation in off trail riding. The a-arm guards actually allow you to skim across the snow better, just like having a snow board strapped to your a-arms. Not quite, but you get the point!

Bottom Line is, if you do any kind of off trail riding, you need front end protection on your sled with a set of a-arm guards, along with a good skid plate to help protect your sled. I strongly recommend C&T Powersports when it comes time to protect your Ski-Doo. The a-arm guards fit perfect and look cool to boot. Chris also has a very nice line of custom clutch tools that will really make working on your clutches much easier. He has a very positive approach to attention to detail, which shows in the quality of his product, his shipping methods, and great customer service. I am glad I went with Chris and I know you will be too!

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