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Tools For 2010

QRS Secondary Clutch Tool for the XP Sleds

Item Number: SDQRS-2

2010 QRS Tool Instructions

The QRS Tool is pre-assembled and ready to slide into the Jackshaft

CAUTION: The helix is under extreme pressure from the secondary spring. If you are unsure about performing the procedure, get help from a qualified tech.The jackshaft and clutch assembly must be removed from the sled before using the QRS Tool, unless you have already installed the 4 aftermarket hex head retaining bolts for the helix.

  • Also remove the Belt Deflection Adjuster.
  • Slide the large end of the tool into the center of the jackshaft, leaving the chrome nut exposed, so that a wrench can be installed on the nut.
  • NOTE: If using this tool on an 08-09 with internal threaded jackshaft, make sure to slide the tool PAST the internal threads so they are not damaged when the tool is tightened.
  • Note the 2 flat spots on the very end of the threaded rod. This is where the 3/8 wrench will go.
  • Using a 3/8 wrench to hold the threaded rod and a 3/4 wrench, tighten the chrome nut so that it expands the tool inside the jackshaft.
  • CAUTION: Make sure that the tool is tight enough so that it cannot be pulled out of the shaft once the helix is unbolted from the backside of the clutch.
  • Once the tool is tight inside the shaft, install the large white bushing over the qrs tool.
  • Next: Install the large flat washer up against the bushing, and then thread the nut/handle onto the threaded rod and snug the bushing up to the helix.
  • It is now safe to remove the 4 torx bolts on the backside of the secondary clutch.
  • Once the 4 bolts have been removed, turn the nut/handle counter clockwise and the helix will start to come out of the secondary clutch.
  • Continue turning the nut/handle until there is no pressure on the helix.

XP/XR Top Gear Alignment Tool

Item Number: SDGT-1

When working on the secondary clutch of an XP or XR, the clutch and jack shaft are 1 (one) piece.

This means that the clutch/jack shaft must be removed from the sled so the back of the clutch can be reached in order to take the clutch apart for maintenance or to install a clutch kit.

Note: In order to do this WITHOUT the C&T tool, the muffler, battery and chain case cover need to be removed.

With the C&T Tools Top Gear Alignment Tool, there is no need to take the battery and chain case cover off.

This tool saves a great deal of wrenching time!

Top Gear Alignment Tool Directions

Start by removing the following:

  • Left & Right Side Panels,Drive Belt,Muffler & Rubber Vent/Plug in top of chain case cover
  • Lock parking brake and remove the bolt and washer that holds the top gear using a 16 mm socket.
  • Loosen chain tension. This adjuster is located at the bottom front of the chain case. Using a 17mm wrench, loosen the jam nut, then by hand, loosen the chain tension bolt. Unthread the bolt about 1 1/2 inches.
  • Go to the opposite side of sled and remove the jack shaft bearing retainer using a 13 mm wrench.
  • Thread (by hand) the gear alignment tool into the jack shaft until tight.
  • Tap on the end of the alignment tool and the shaft/clutch assembly will start to slide out. Keep tapping the tool until you see it sticking out of the back side of the chain case.
  • Unthread the tool from the jack shaft leaving the tool inside the chain case.
  • NOTE: Tool must not be separated from the jack shaft until it sticks completely through the chain case. There is a spacer behind the top gear that will fall into the chain case if the alignment tool is removed at any time.
Re-installing the jack shaft:
  • When re-installing the jack shaft, slide the shaft back through the bearing retainer housing. Thread the alignment tool back into the jack shaft.
  • This can be tricky. Using a bungee cord, tie up the clutch side of the shaft to the handlebars so that the clutch/shaft are in a level position.
  • Once tool is threaded back onto the shaft, use a rubber mallet and tap the clutch side of the shaft while lining up the splines on the shaft with the top gear.
  • NOTE: DO not turn the alignment tool counter clock wise while trying to line up the splines.
  • This will unthread the tool from the shaft, causing the top gear and spacer to fall inside the chain case.
  • If you need to turn the tool, turn it in a clock wise direction.
  • Once the top gear and shaft are lined up, you will be able to see the jack shaft splines inside the top gear. It is only then that it will be safe to unthread the tool from the shaft.
  • Once tool is removed, install bolt & washer with loc-tite and torque to the correct amount.

Brake Rotor Puller

Item Number: BR-10

The Brake Rotor Puller is a handy tool when removing the driveshaft for a track change.

Rotor removal Instructions

  • Remove skid frame.
  • Remove chain case cover, remove top sprocket bolt and bottom sprocket snap-ring, back chain tension off and remove chain and sprockets.
  • Remove brake disc cover (3), remove caliper bolts (4), Rotate ring on backside of tunnel clockwise to release it, remove the black brake hose bracket that goes over the hose connection.
  • Pull the drive shaft toward the PTO side of sled to expose the brake caliper.
  • Insert the two 3" bolts attached to the removal tool through the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock caliper holes and thread the nuts onto the bolts. place the 1-1/2" washer between the bolt in the center of the removal tool and the drive shaft, begin tightening the bolt, the caliper should "pop" off the bearing after 2-3 turns of the bolt. Remove the removal tool and take the brake disk off.
  • Push the track up away from the drivers and push the drive shaft out the PTO side of sled, once Mag side of shaft is clear of the tunnel, tilt it downward and pull it out of the PTO side of tunnel.

15" Exhaust Spring Puller

Item Number: SDEP-15

The 15 inch Exhaust Spring Puller will make pulling your exhaust

quite simple.

My Impressions:


Quality built specialty tools that work!

Zinc plated for a durable finish.

Priced right.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

I have to say without the assistance of C&T Powersports Special Ski-Doo Clutch Tools, our sled projects would certainly have never happened.

I use every tool that is listed above, and to do the clutch projects, plus track removals, you will need these tools . Without these specialized clutch tools I would have to have a shop do this kind of work for me.

Bare in mind this kind of job is a lot of work, and if you are not handy with tools you need to leave these jobs to a trained professional. A clutch or track is something you do not want to have come apart on you when you are riding hard on the trail.

Chris from C&T Powersports has put a lot of thought and hard work into making these tools for us. Thank you Chris. You have done a great job.

Bottom line is, if you are going to do any kind of clutch work on your sled, or track removal, you will need special tools for the job. If you have a Ski-Doo, Chris at C&T Powersports can set up with the right tools for your sled project.

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