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09 Ski-Doo MXZ Renegade X 800R



  • The new XTX is specifically engineered to maximize the performance of high horsepower snowmobiles.
  • Specially formulated high temperature Polymer along with the highest level of engineered reinforcement proves to perform better in belt operating temperature and efficiency.
  • Its innovative break-through design of deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom yield the advantages of ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.


  • The Dayco XTX belt offers:
  • Faster and more consistent throttle response at high speeds
  • Quicker throttle response at mid-speed acceleration
  • Greater secondary acceleration at high RPMs
  • Greater secondary acceleration as primary acceleration increases
  • Reduction in slippage during the highest levels of torque
  • Providing more power to track
  • Better performance during deceleration (more responsive engine braking)
  • Tested and proven reliability at well over 12,000 RPMs
  • A cooler-running temperature than the leading competitors
  • Confidence in knowing you're covered with a one year warranty

Installation & Belt Deflection Tips

Note: Picture #1 shows the belt cord just below the top of the sheaves. You never want to have the belt cord sticking above the sheave after setting the deflection. If it is sticking above the sheaves you could get cord separation. If it sticks above the sheaves replace it with a new belt.

Picture #2 shows the updated Ski-Doo QRS Adjustment Kit installed. If you have the old plastic adjuster I highly recommend you updating to this one. QRS Adjustment Kit Part #415-129-409.

Picture 3 shows the proper belt adjustment for my sled. I like to adjust the belt so there is no forward creep when the sled is sitting at idle.

My Impressions:


Quicker throttle response and acceleration.

Specially formulated high temperature Polymer eliminates slippage during acceleration.

XTX belt provides cooler-running temperature at higher engine rpm's..

One year warranty.



Bottom Line:

Every component on your sled is important and you are only as good as your weakest link. Anything can break at any time while riding. The belt is one piece of equipment you can closely monitor and usually on a sled is very easy to service. I use Dayco Belts on my sleds, utv's and atv's here at headquarters.

Why do I use Dayco, because they have proven to be very reliable to me. I push my sleds to the limit and then some, and I expect everything to hold up. I have been using this new XTX compound for several years now and I have not seen any belts hold up the way they do. I have yet to blow one of the XTX belts up in any of my vehicles!

My sled is clutch to Dalton Industry Standards and is built to perform, and it does that very well. I originally run a oem Ski-Doo Mountain Sled belt on my machine because that is what the clutching was guaranteed to run best with. I promply wrecked the inner coggs og the oem belt and quickly switched over to the Dayco XTX 5034 belt which is what Dayco recommends for my Ski-Doo MXZ Renegade X 800R Sled. I gained mid range punch, and slightly higher top end then what I was getting with the oem belt. I changed over to a new belt for this sled build but I didn't need too. The belt was still in great shape after running hard last winter.

So the bottom line is, why change over to Dayco? Don't bother, if you are lining up beside my sled, I like to have the advantage Do yourself a favor and give the Dayco XTX belt a try this winter, when you get your sled ready to hit the trails. You can thank me on the trails.

Don't worry if you don't change over, I always carry a spare XTX belt on my sled for just those occasions when my trail friends need help.

Contact Info:

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Dayco Products, LLC

4500 South Garnett, Suite 500

Tulsa, OK 74146





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