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2011 Ski-Doo MXZ X E-TEC 800R

The Mad Scientist Rich Daly of Dyno Port has been very busy working 

on performance upgrades for the new 2011 Ski-Doo 800 E-Tec Motor!

Featured below is what we snuck out of Rich's laboratory

 to install on our project 2011 Ski-Doo MXZ X E-Tec 800R


  • Remove o2 sensor and secure it out of harms way.
  • Removing the exhaust springs is made very easy with the use of the C&T Tools spring remover tool.
  • Note: You can check out C&T Tools review in our web site at
  • Remove your can, pipe & y-pipe, then clean up around the heads with a little cleaner to make for a better fitment of the y-pipe gaskets.
  • Note: removing the y-pipe requires the use of a round headed 6mm allen wrench.
  • Install the y-pipe and torque to spec.
  • Note: I found it easier to install new y-pipe gaskets instead of using the old gaskets.
  • Make sure you install the donut gasket before installing the big volume pipe.
  • The big volume pipe just slips into place like a glove.
  • Reinstall the exhaust springs.
  • Install the donut gasket, and install the can.
  • Reinstall the exhaust springs, and reinstall the o2 sensor.
  • Start it up, and check for exhaust leaks.
  • Reinstall your plastics, and you are ready to rip, braaaap 

My Impressions:


Got to love that ceramic coating.

Major weight loss;

Can is 9 lbs. lighter then oem, with no HP gain over oem, but has nicer sound with WOT.

Y Pipe is 1/2 lb lighter then oem, with 2 to 3.5 HP gain over oem.

Big Volume Pipe is 3 lbs lighter then oem, with 3 to 4.5 HP gain over oem.

Major improvement in low & mid-range power.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

This is not the first project that we employed the Mad Scientist (Rich Daly) on, and it will not be the last. I have found his products to be of very high quality and construction. The ceramic coating looks good, and it works.

Installation can be done by any competent person with a degree of mechanical skills. The pipe and the can go on very easy. The Y-Pipe is the one that can be diffucult to install, if you don't have the correct tools.

I would like to say that Rich's products fit like they were factory made, but in my humble opinion they fit far better then factory. I have come to expect this type of craftsmanship from all the Dyno Port products.

Performance gains from seat of the pants driving is very noticeable indeed. After I installed everything and checked for leaks I took a quick ride through the back lot, and I quickly found that this Dyno Port Exhaust System really uncorks the hidden power of the 800 E-Tec motor. I cracked the throttle coming over the hill, and did the sweetest cat walk across the vacant lot, and the sweet sound from WOT is very pleasing indeed. It lets you know you are there, but shouldn't be annoying on the trail to others. This is very important to me to have a sled that rocks, but not one that irritates the other riders, or critters, by being too loud.

The bottom line is this system from Dyno Port will unleash the beast in your machine, and is well worth the extra money to do so. Even if I didn't notice any extra power gains, the weight loss itself is tremendous. This is my second sled with the Dyno Port logo on it, and my next will have the Dyno Port touch too

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