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2011 Ford Raptor 4 Door 6.2 Engine

Test Platform

Raptor hauling a Raptor.

Edge Products EVO HT

Ford F-150 Gas

Part # 16050


• Complete drivetrain tuning for your Ford, Lincoln or Mazda truck & SUV

• Multiple performance tunes included for all vehicles and heavy load towing for truck and SUVs

• Industry leading horsepower and torque gains

• Automatic transmission optimization

• Speedometer calibration for axle gear and tire size changes from 28" - 40" (Note: Not supported at this time.)

• Advanced tuning selections from rev limits to shift points

• Monitor engine and transmission parameters

• Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes

• Free internet updates

• Custom hard part tunes available for purchase exclusively through Edge Internet Update software store

Note: Edge claimed these gains for my truck (2011 Ford F-150 RaptorSVT 6.2L Engine)

Gains: + 24.3 HP + 30.5 lb-ft


This has to be the easiest mod that I have installed yet to date on any vehicle. All you do is plug in your module in your trucks diagnostic port ( after you have downloaded your up-dates from the web), and follow the promps on the EVO HT's screen.

Pick out what level of performance you want from Mileage, tow, stock with options, to Extreme. I think they should rename Extreme mode to Insane Mode, just my opinion :) To turn it back to stock mode, just pug it in and follow the prompts again.

If you want extra's, like unlocking your speed limiter, etc. you need to go to the advanced tune mode screen and follow the prompts.

Note: It is critical to read the installation directions before plugging anything in. Follow these directions and you will have absolutely no issues at all.

Installation instructions in pdf form.

Tuning is simple, just plug in and follow the prompts.

My Impressions:


Plug and play.

Multiple modes to choose from performance to tow mode.

Advanced tuning modes, for the experienced driver.

Internet upgradeable.

Reasonable priced compared to competition.

Able to read and clear diagnostic codes.

Can make adjustments for axle & tire size. (Note: Not supported at this time.)

Easy, simple installation.


Does not support for adjustments to axle size and tire size adjustments at this time.

Bottom Line:

During our preliminary stages of our Ford raptor project build we quickly determined that this truck comes from ford MC with some build in performance blocks, 1 being the speed limiter. Note: The speed limiter is there to not exceed the speed limits of the oem tires, not the trucks top end speed. The truck can easily handle speeds above 100mph.

I check various module manufactures that have the capability of removing or modifying the speed limiter and other various functions that the module would help us with. We come up with what I thought would be the easiest module to work with and also the best bang for the buck, the Edge Products EVO HT Ford F-150 Gas Part # 16050.

Besides being plug and play and being very intuitive to work with, this module could adjust our speed limiter, and various other functions of our truck in minutes. Anyone that can turn a computer on can quite easily use this Edge product.

Please beware that you need to follow the directions, and you can mess up your trucks tune if you program in the wrong parameters. One wrong program would be to install the extreme tune, extreme shift, up your timing, and then use cheap gas instead of the high octane gas. Really would you expect your truck to run great this way. In fact this has been one of my issues with using this programmer. It is not the programmers fault that a lot of gas stations sell inferior grades of high test gas that is sub par at best. Some people have their gas so laced with ethanol that it is a wounder that it will even run in any engine. So, make it a point to know your gas station, and try and use the highest quality gas available irregardless of what tune you are using.

So far I only have a few issues with the programmer. This unit does not adjust for axle ratio and tire sizes at this time. So if you are purchasing it to adjust for the installation of larger or smaller tire sizes this unit is not for you.

So far we have played with all the tunes, and adjusted most of the parameters we can within the limitations of this programming module with excellent results. It is very simple to use, and you can change your state of tune in a matter of minutes.

The bottom line is if you want to unlock your Raptor's full potential then you need to check out what Edge can do for you. On a closed course with speed rated tires we have gotten 131mph out of this truck with the modifications that we have added so far. In my opinion that makes this module a very valuable addition to anybody that is looking to get a little more out of your vehicle. Yes, and if you are going down the highway and see a Black Ford Raptor with an sticker in the rear window passing you, I will make sure I wave on the way by 

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