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Harley Davidson VRSCAW


1213 miles around Lake Superior in 3 days, 21 Hrs.& 07 minutes.

2010 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW Specs & Features:

Key Features

Evolved from the original Harley-Davidson® power cruiser, the V-Rod® combines a long, low profile

inspired by the drag strip and the free-revving performance of the Revolution V-Twin engine.

The VRSC™ family offers an unmatched combination of style and performance. The 60-degree Revolution 1250 cc V-Twin is liquid-cooled and features Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), dual overhead cams, four-valve heads, and a five-speed transmission. The engine is rubber-mounted in a hydroformed steel perimeter frame. A shell covers the large-volume airbox located over the engine. A five-gallon fuel cell is located below the seat on all VRSC models.

• High-performance Brembo® triple-disc brakes

• Race-bred clutch with “slipper” action helps ease drive train effort during downshifting

• 240 mm wide rear tire

• Forward-mounted footpegs and controls

• Teardrop reflector-optic headlight

• Electric power accessory connector under seat

• Optional, factory-installed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

• Optional Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System with hands-free security fob.

Model Highlights

• Two-tone silver and charcoal powder-coated powertrain with chrome covers

• Chrome exhaust with dual slash-cut mufflers

• Anodized Aluminum, Profile Laced wheel

• Machined, Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum rear wheel

• Sport front fender with chrome brace supports

• Welded stainless steel pull-back handlebar

• Black hand controls

• Chrome headlamp bracket

• Silver-clad steel frame with clear coat

• Two-piece, two-up textured seat


Engine3 Liquid-cooled, Revolution,® 60° V-Twin

Valves Overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder, solid tappet with shim-under-bucket lash adjustment

Bore x Stroke 4.13 in. x 2.84 in. (105.00 mm x 72.01 mm)

Displacement3 76.28 cu. in. (1250 cc)

Compression Ratio 11.5:1

Fuel System4 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)

Air Cleaner Down draft intake

Lubrication System Wet-sump, integrated with powertrain crankcase


Primary Drive Gear, 117/64 ratio

Final Drive Belt, 72/28 ratio

Clutch 9-plate, wet, A&S (Assist & Slip)

Transmission 5-speed, U.S. Gear Ratios (overall):

  • 1st 11.752
  • 2nd 7.898
  • 3rd 6.322
  • 4th 5.459
  • 5th 4.889


Frame Steel perimeter upper frame with hydroformed main rails and bolt-on lower frame rails; MIG welded

Swingarm Polished, one-piece cast aluminum

Front Forks Wide, 49 mm custom

Rear Shocks Preload adjustable


  • Front Brushed, Profile Laced Aluminum 19 in. x 3 in. (482.60 mm x 76.20 mm)
  • Rear Machined, Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum 18 in. x 8 in. (457.20 mm 203.20 mm)


  • Caliper Type 4-piston front and rear
  • Rotor Type (diameter x width): Patented, one-piece floating rotor (front), uniform expansion rotor (rear)
  • Front (dual) 11.81 in. x .20 in. (299.97 mm x 5.08 mm)
  • Rear 11.81 in. x .28 in. (299.97 mm x 7.11 mm)
  • ABS Option Available

Suspension Travel:

  • Front Wheel 4 in. (101.60 mm)
  • Rear Wheel 4 in. (101.60 mm)


Engine Torque6 (per SAE J1349):

  • North America 84 ft. lbs. @ 7000 rpm (113.89 Nm @ 7000 rpm)
Lean Angle (per SAE J1168):
  • Right 32°
  • Left 32°

Fuel Economy7

  • (EPA urban/highway test) 34/42 mpg (6.92/5.60 L/100 km)


Battery (per Battery Council International Rating)

Sealed, maintenance-free, 12V, 19-amp/hour, 270 cca

Charging Three-Phase, 38-amp system (439W @ 13V, 2000 rpm, 489W max power @ 13V)

Starting 0.8 kW electric with direct drive starter motor engagement

Lights (as per country regulation):

  • Headlamp (quartz halogen) 55-watt low beam, 65-watt high beam
  • Tail/Stop Lights 8W/28W reflector optics (5W/21W)
  • Turn Signal Lights 28W (21W) self-canceling
  • Indicator Lamps High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, security system8 (optional), coolant temperature, low fuel warnings


Length 94.40 in. (2397.76 mm)

Overall Width 34.50 in. (876.30 mm)

Overall Height 47.70 in. (1211.58 mm)

Seat Height:

  • Laden2 26.0 in. (660.40 mm)
  • Unladen 27.10 in. (688.34 mm)

Ground Clearance 5.0 in. (127.0 mm)

Rake (steering head) 34°

Fork Angle 36°

Trail 4.50 in. (114.30 mm)

Wheelbase 67.20 in. (1706.88 mm)

Tires (Dunlop® Harley-Davidson Series, radial blackwall front and rear):

  • Front - D208F 120/70ZR-19 60W
  • Rear - D419 240/40R-18 79V

Fuel Capacity 5 gal. (18.93 L) (warning light at approximately 0.5 gal.)

Oil Capacity (w/filter) 5 qts. (4.73 L)

Coolant Capacity 2.50 qts. (2.37 L)


  • As Shipped 637 lbs. (288.94 kg)
  • In Running Order 670 lbs. (303.91 kg)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1075 lbs. (487.62 kg)
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating
  • Front 377 lbs. (171.01 kg)
  • Rear 698 lbs. (316.61 kg)

Color Options


• Vivid Black

• Brilliant Silver Pearl

• Red Hot Sunglo

• Black Ice Pearl


• Flame Blue Pearl/ Brilliant Silver Pearl


Warranty9 24 months (unlimited mileage)

Service Interval First 1,000 miles (1,600 km), every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) thereafter

My Impressions:

Stump pulling power throughout the rpm range.

Unique sound all of it's own.

Excellent road & in town ride comfort.

Superior cornering and responsiveness.

Most modern designed Harley Davidson today.

Euro looks and styling while being American made.

Rear stance looks like a dragster and matches that with stop light to stop light performance.


Drivers seat could use more padding.
Had an annoying small oil leak in front of the oil filter while I had the bike in my possession.

My Impressions:

Last year we rode the XR1200 Harley Davidson during a ride review and liked it very much, so when the opportunity to do a circle tour of Lake Superior with one of my friends and Editor (Guido Ebert) came up, I made a call to Harley Davidson in Milwaukee WI, to see if they could set me up with a ride for this trip.

For this epic trip around Lake Superior they offered to have me ride their Muscle Cruiser, the Harley Davidson VRSCAW V-Rod. When we went to pick this bike up, the first thing that jumps out at you is the paint. My bike had the Black Ice Pearl. This paint is like chameleon paint, and it changes from what ever angle you look at it from. It can appear to be purple, or blue, or a combo, or will change with the angle of the sun light. The first comment I got from others was how pretty the paint was, so that is a good feature in my books.

Doing a walk around on this bike, you pick up on how long & low this bike is, with it's aggressive front end 36 degree fork angle rake. From the rear the 240/40 tire gives the bike the appearance of a top fuel dragster, which in my opinion is super cool looking. With 5" of ground clearance this bike sits low, and when you hit the corners this low stance keeps your center of gravity low, allowing you to breeze through corners that a normal bike would cringe at.

This bike has 84 ft. lbs. of Evolution Engine Torque, with an estimated 125 HP, which manages to rocket this machine down the highway with ease, but still manages to get a 34 city & 42 highway miles per gallon. I was getting over that when I was in cruise mode, which is very hard to do with this bike. It is just way too much fun to do full throttle roll on's with.

Braking was awesome with the Brembo Caliper type 4-piston front and rear. My bike even had the optional abs which made braking a breeze. Not once did I feel this bike could not stop effectively when I needed to stop in a hurry.

One of the cool things that you usually only find in a more racier bike is the slipper clutch, attached to the 5 speed trans. This transmission set up worked flawless for me, and trust me, I put over 2000 miles on this bike in just under a couple of weeks, and I love the way this clutch works.

During our trip around lake Superior I drove in almost every type of fowl weather condition that mother nature could throw at us, but snow. The V-Rod handled rainy conditions without any hydro planing at all, and felt rock solid going down the road. I purposely put up the rainy riding videos to prove that this bike will not let you down, baring operator error.

I can go on and on about the V-Rod, but I think you have got the drift that I am thoroughly impressed with this bike. I think it is a perfect bike for around town, and or cruising long distance. For long distance cruising if you drive without getting on the throttle too much you can easily make 150 mile jaunts before needing gas. Of course if I were going to do long distance cruising I would add some padding to the drivers seat, and install a windshield. The windshield would keep the wind off your chest and make your ride perfect. The seat padding would make that seating position just that much better.

Speaking of seating position, with the rider forward controls, I thought ouch this is going to be rough, but was I proven wrong. I rode with a couple of sport bike riders that were constantly looking for a more comfortable seating position, but I never once got a leg cramp. Rock on, HD!!!!!!!!!!

So the bottom line, would I recommend this bike, heck yes. If you want a cruiser bike with stump pulling muscle, and want to ride American, the Harley Davidson VRSCAW V-Rod is a great bike to look at. I know I would have one in my stable. In my opinion it is a great all around bike that does everything very well, just ask my euro bike riding companions what they think of the V-Rod :)


This review is strictly about my initial ride impressions, and doesn't in anyway reflect a long term review. For a long term review we need to have the vehicle here to ride for a period of 6 months to a year. That is the only way we can determine effectively if the bike will hold up to long term driving without any long term maintenance issues.

Harley Davidson Contact Info:

Web Site:


Harley-Davidson Customer Service

3700 W. Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208


Customer Service Phone:

(414) 343-4056

Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator:

Click this link to find a dealer.

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