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09 Polaris Dragon 800 Switchback

Holz Racing Products

HRP IQ Gas Rack

Model # HRP8013


  • HRP IQ Gas Rack is engineered to fit the new RMK tunnel.
  • Securely locks into the T-slot system.
  • Will fit the Holz 2.5 gallon gas can.
  • Model # HRP 8013.
  • Shipping Weight is 3lbs.
  • Note: Pictures above show the HRP Racks with gas cans installed.


  • Put your rack together using loctite on the bolts.
  • Note the supplied carriage bolts for tunnel track.
  • Slide the carriage bolts into the track to the position where you want your rack to set.
  • Rear rack installed.

Click the link below to check out the instructions in PDF form.

My Impression:


Lightweight aluminum construction.

Gas rack attaches to the Polaris Tunnel Rail.

Kit includes: gas rack and hardware.

Fits gas cans or bags up to 11 7/16" x 8 11/16".



Bottom Line:

When I received the 09 Polaris Dragon that my wife would be riding, it had no rear rack, but came with a patented rail system on the tunnel. The only company out there with a quality rear tunnel rack is made by Holz racing Products, a USA Company producing their products here in the USA. Their Polaris rack comes with the 4 carriage bolts to attach their rack to the rail system, making this rack a number one choice.

The rack I got from HRP was intended for use to carry a gas can, but can serve double duty to also attach your tunnel bag to like I do.

If you follow the supplied instructions you will have your rack installed in no time. It is just a matter of finding the correct location for you (like mine in the above pictures), install your 4 carriage bolts needed to secure your rack. Put you rack together with loctite on the bolts, and attach your rack to the tunnel per the directions.

This rack is a no-brainer to install, adds very little weight to your sled, and is quality built out of aluminum. You even get the HRP logo in your rack.

Some of the bags I looked at, attached to the sled tunnel with snaps, and in my opinion it looked pretty cheap to me. This HRP rack is a slick set up, and I can use it to attach a bag, gas rack, or I know, given enough time, I can find something else to attach to this rack. It is on your tunnel and is solid!

Bottom Line, if you are looking to attach a gas can or rear tunnel bag to your snowmobile, take a look at what Holz Racing Products has for your sled, before you drill holes in your tunnel that you will dred later. I went Holz and am glad I did!

Contact Info:

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Holz Racing Products

6226 Chasteen Road

Lynden, WA 98264



Phone: 360.398.7006

Fax: 360.398.0267


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