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JMS PedalMAX For All 2011 - 2017 Ford Vehicles

Ultra-Aggressive "Brad Nasty" Programming

SKU - PX1114FB

Eliminate Pedal Lag & Turbo Lag.

Enhance Throttle Response.

Works on all 2011 - 2017 Ford Vehicles.

Ultra-Aggressive "Brad Nasty" Programming.

Includes Remote Throttle Control Knob(BX-6999): Fine tune your throttle enhancement setting.

Eliminates Ecoboost Turbo Lag and enhances low and mid range power on all Ford Vehicles from 2011-2015 (Gas & Diesel).

Quick, Plug and Play installation that takes less than 5 minutes (More like 1/2 hour, but i was taking my time.).

Eliminate stalling when acceleration from a stop, on manual vehicles.

Installation Instructions:


The test drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Impressions:


Easy to install, plug & play.

Brad nasty kit comes with control knob to make it a complete package.

Quality construction.

Pricey but worth every penny.



Be forewarned, buy the throttle control knob with your kit, or get the Brad nasty kit, which includes it.

Bottom Line:

Almost every vehicle that I have driven with a fly by wire throttle has a lag taking off from a dead stop. This drives me nuts, and is very annoying.

We decided to try the JMS PedalMax (Brad Nasty) kit, which includes the throttle control knob. I almost didn't get the control knob and I am glad JMS talked me into getting it.

The kit itself is plug and play, and is a breeze to install. That is if you are a small person, it is kinda tight under the dash for a guy my size.

The throttle control knob that came with our kit allows us to turn the PedalMax system back to stock, or turn it up in increments to 100%. This is nice if you have someone else drive your truck, just turn it back to stock. When you want to rock, just turn it up to the percentage level that you are comfortable with! And yes, I know my sleep number ;)

The bottom-line is, if you have a vehicle that has a fly by wire throttle system, you need to talk to JMS. They can help you out.

All I can say is holly-wah this thing works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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