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2011 Ford Raptor Project Vehicle

Kanati Mud Hog Tires


My Impressions:


  • Speed rating is a Q, and very adequate for a stock truck.
  • Load rage is a D for heavy duty driving conditions..
  • LT35x12.5R17 tires dwarf the oem tires, and fill out the wheel wells very nicely..
  • Tire is aggressive enough for serious off road play, but mild enough for on highway usage.
  • Fitment on the truck is top shelf.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

When I received the Ford Raptor I patiently broke this truck in and proceeded to put it through it's paces in the back country of Mid Montana. The OEM BFG tires seemed to work just fine for the first 10,000 miles but were not up to the task of aggressive off-roading. The tires seemed to wear very quickly and did not clear very well when driven through mud & snow. After 20,000 miles the BFG's were in need of replacement, and showed substantial wear.

Picking a replacement tire for the Raptor was definitely a daunting task, for I wanted my new tire to be not only a good tire on the street but perform well off-road as well. I also did not want to be replacing tires every 20,000 miles either, so we needed a tire that was going to have minimal tread wear but be soft enough to provide great traction on, and off road.

For me it was a very easy choice to go with the Kanati Mud Hogs because of my history running their parent companies atv/utv tires. I figured if their atv tires provided excellent wear and superior traction, then I wouldn't go wrong with their Truck Tires.

As you can see in the pictures above the Kanati Tires look at home mounted on the Vision V-Tec Raptor wheels. They give our Raptor a slightly different look and stance over the stock Raptor's look, and I like it! So far I have put 10,000 very hard miles of pavement, off-roading, mud, snow, rain, and rock crawling with these tires and I have very minimal wear. They provide just as pleasant of a drive as the BFG tires on pavement if not better, and they are so much superior off road in all driving conditions.

I like the Kanati Tires so much that I will be installing a second set on my spare Raptor Wheels for winter use. A good benefit is my speedometer is only slightly changed with the difference in size from OEM to the LT35x12.5R17 Kanati Mud Hogs. So I know that my transmission is going to work fine with this combo. Would I go with a larger size tire, most likely not. This size seems to fit my truck, and application very nicely.

Bare in mind that I raised my shock height to the center adjustment so I would have no clearance issues with the front end. This is a very easy adjustment, but one the shop should do if you don't have the proper tools and mechanical savvy to do so. I did the shock adjustment in about 3 hours with no issues. After doing this type of adjustment you need to get your front end alignment redone so you will have no premature tire wear.

All in all I am very pleased with the way my truck looks and rides with the Kanati Tires, and Vision V-Tec Raptor Wheels. Ride is excellent and you do not feel a bumpy ride, that you normally would with this aggressive a tire. Wear at the 10,000 mile mark is very nominal with this type of tire.

The bottom line is this Kanati Tire rocks and I highly recommend this tire if you want a quality tire, superior ride, and all the traction you need to take you anywhere off road. All I can say is move over BFG, there is a new Sheriff in town!

Kanati Tire Contact Info:

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Kanati Tire

222 S. Harbor Blvd.,

Anaheim, CA 92805


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