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Kawasaki KRX 1000 Warn AXON 45-S Winch & Warn Bumper/Winch Mount Installation

Warn AXON 45-S Powersport Winch, Part Number: 101140 

Warn bumper/winch mount Part number: 106612, designed specifically for the Kawasaki KRX 1000

Warn Tool Roll Recovery Kit 99901, Part Number: 99901

Here are the bumper/winch mount installation instructions in pdf format.

Here are generic instructions to help you install a regular winch in the Kawasaki KRX 1000. Remember the Axon winch has the contactor build into the winch, so it is one thing you don’t have to mess with trying to find a mounting position for that.

My Impressions:


The Axon 45-S along with the new Warn KRX 1000 bumper/winch mount is the easiest winch/bumper setup that I have ever installed.

Supplied mount specific to UTV.

Axon 45-S comes with Synthetic line.

45-S has plenty of pulling power to move the KRX or any other utv.

The Axon 45-S has the contactor built in, and makes for a super easy fitment to the machine.

The new Warn bumper/winch mount fits the KRX 1000 like a glove.



Bottom Line:

When we received the new Kawasaki KRX 1000 to do our ride review on it didn't have a winch installed on it yet. I think any machine you use to venture into the areas we ride in should have a winch installed for safety reasons. You never know what you will need to move off the trail, or what manner of stuck vehicle you might need to extract.

Since I had already had the new Warn Axon 45-S winch here from a previous install, we chose to install that on our KRX 1000. Instead of going with a standard in body winch mount Warn suggested that we install their all new KRX 1000 winch/bumper setup on our utv.

As you can see in the pictures this is a very sweet setup. The bumper was super easy to install, and it fits like a glove. Mounting the winch is simple, just run the power lines through the flexible pipe that leads directly to your battery compartment. Sweet engineering idea from Kawasaki, eh. We installed a battery charging outlet when we attached the winch power wires to the battery. A fully charged battery is a happy battery. Note: Hook up the power wires to the winch before you attach the winch to the mount.

After you have the winch mounted, all you have to do is remove the center part of your dash so you can install the remote connector and the dash mounted switch to control your winch. It is very easy to fish the wires from the winch to where ever you decide to install your switches. Kawasaki conveniently has a power bar built into the machine where you can hook up the power lead to your switches. I installed the hand held remote connector in the covey in the center consul, and the dash mount switch in the center consul. You can mount them where ever it works for you, because there is plenty of length in the wires to do so. Just remember before you are done go through and zip tie all your wires so there is no chance of wires rubbing against any moving parts.

The bottom line is this was the easiest winch & bumper installation I have ever installed on any vehicle. I would not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks for the Axon model of winch with the built in contactor. When you watch the video of the install, at the end you will see me testing the winch set up using the KRX 1000 as a test mule. Without a snatch block attached, the winch easily pulled the KRX up over a rock ledge without any problem. Just imagine if you used a snatch block, it would pull like a mule!

Note: I have attached the installation instructions for the Warn bumper and a generic winch install for the KRX 1000. Follow these directions and you will have no problems getting your setup on your KRX 1000. See you on the trails, and as always be safe.

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Warn Industries, Inc.

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