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Specs & Features:

  • 4-Stroke DOHC 498.5cc.
  • CVT Automatic Transmission L-H-N-R with Differential Lock.
  • 4X4 Shaft Drive High & Low Gear, 2WD/4WD.
  • Digital Dash (Fuel Gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Trip
  • Meter, High Beam Indicator, Neutral/Reverse Light, Temp Light).
  • Soft Panel Driver & Passenger.
  • Doors and Front Brush Guard.
  • Independent Dual A-Arm Suspension Front & Rear.
  • Dual Disc Brakes Rear & Disc Brake Rear, Hand Brake.
  • C.A.R.B. Certified with USFS-Approved Spark Arrestor.
  • One-Year Limited Factory Warranty.

Some Pictures Of The Many UXV 500 Features:

  • 1 Seat belts.
  • 2 Winch mount standard.
  • 3 Tilting cargo bed with removable bed liner.
  • 4 Full sized receiver.
  • 5 Parking brake.
  • 6 Instrument panel, choke, 12 volt accessories plug, differential lock, & push button 4 wheel drive.
  • 7 Clean looking center consul with high & low range, neutral, and reverse shifter.
  • 8 Rack and pinion steering.
  • 9 Rear sway bar.
  • 10 Disc Brakes front and rear with stainless steel braided lines.
  • 11 Under seat storage.
  • 12 Ample front storage.

My First Impressions:


Too many excellent standard options to list.

Tough, stout, quality built design.

Bullet proof engine.

Enough dry storage areas to keep your cargo safe from the elements.


Engine is not fuel injected.

Bottom Line:

We just received our new KYMCO UXV 500 side by side that we will be doing a long term review, and also a project build with. KYMCO offered to ship us the machine crated, and needed to be assembled.

I jumped at the chance to start our project this way. When you assemble the machine from it's crated stage, you get an appreciation for the person at the dealership who assembles the vehicles before they get to the showroom floor.

While going through the steps of assembly I got a first hand view of how well this new side by side from KYMCO is built. Everything from the frame, a-arms, to the box is over built and very sturdy in design. It is quite apparent that KYMCO build this rig to stand up to anything we can put it through, and then some.

I would like to see fuel injection, but the engine works well without it. This UXV has disc brakes on the front and the rear, and are joined by stainless steel brake lines. One of the cool features is the abundance of dry storage areas, such as the front bin which is huge, the under seat storage which will swallow a large load, to the glove box which is larger then some cars glove boxes.

This side by side rides very well, and has stock shocks that work just fine on the trails. Power is stout for a 500, and will get you a top indicated speed of 45mph. If you want to carry a load, you have ample room to more then satisfy your cargo needs. If that doesn't work you can quite easily haul a mid sized trailer with ease.

I look forward to putting miles on the UXV and seeing what new adventures we can create with it. We will also be doing a project build throughout the winter on this vehicle too.

So far this new side by side by KYMCO has more then met my expectations of how well it is built. This is one vehicle that the more I use it, the more cool features I find, and like.

So far I would put the KYMCO UXV 500 up against all the other side by sides, 500 and under, and I know that the UXV 500 would come away a winner!

Contact Info:


5 Stan Perkins Road

Spartanburg, SC 29307

TEL (864) 327-4744

FAX (864) 327-4745

KYMCO Website :

E-mail :

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