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2011 Ford Raptor 4Door Test platform

with the 6.2 Engine


Stainless Cat-Back System PERFORMANCE EXHAUST

Part # 15588

  • V8 6.2L; SVT Raptor.
  • Extended-Crew Cab/Short Bed (67in. Bed).
  • 5 x 8 x 18in. Muffler.
  • 2.5in. Tubing.
  • 3.5in. Polished Stainless Tip.

Dyno Sheet:

Click the link below to check out the sweet sound coming from the MagnaFlow equipped 6.2 Ford Raptor.


I have found when changing exhaust systems without a hoist that you can use ramps to get your truck in a good position to remove the OEM exhaust or to work on your existing system. I drop the rear tire down and slide it out of the way. This allows you to get the rear pipe removed and installed with plenty of room to spare.

Remove the oem exhaust system, and prepping to install the MagnaFlow Raptor System.

Install the front pipe along with the 3" clamp, leaving clamp loose. Remember leave all your clamps loose so you can adjust the system to where you want it later.

Install your muffler with supplied clamp, then install the mid pipe assembly followed by the tail pipe assembly.

Note: it helps to have a second set of hands while doing this to assist in getting the pipes to fit easier.

At this point adjust your exhaust system does not rub against any moving parts, and tighten the clamps to their torque specs.

Notice I left a slight downward angle of the tail pipe tips. Purely for aesthetics, and it might even send the sound away from the truck more effectively, maybe, maybe not.

End product looks great, sounds great, and was very easy to install at home with minimal tools required to do the job.

PDF Installation Instructions:

Click the link below for a pdf instruction sheet.

My Impressions of the MagnaFlow Exhaust System during my First Test Drive

My impressions:


Easy installation with minimal tools required.

Stainless steel construction.

Dual exhaust simulates oem appearance and looks great.

2.5" tubing with 3.5" polished stainless steel tips work excellent.

Sounds great with noticeably seat of the pants performance gains.

MagnaFlow's solid reputation stands behind their products 100%


None yet.

Bottom Line:

We have been having some issues with some of our previous muffler choices for the 2011 Ford Raptor build project, and when MagnaFlow offered to join our project we readily accepted their participation. MagnaFlow's system is a complete cat back kit with everything included to give you a system that not only looks great but performs great as well.

The complete system is stainless steel in construction, with professional welded seams and parts. I like the fact that the exhaust tips are welded to the end pipes. These tips will never come loose or be stolen at one of your favorite stops. When you attach the tips with clamps they can be stolen in minutes, and this sucks.

Installation was very easy, and can be done with the use of minimal tools. Just be forewarned, if you are not comfortable doing this job, your local muffler shop can do this in a matter of a couple of hours labor. I would have liked to have an extra set of hands to help seat the pipes, but not to worry I got er done without to many new words slipping from my lips

When you compare the size of the MagnaFlow muffler to the OEM muffler you really see a big difference in size and weight savings going to the MagnaFlow system. All MagnaFlow exhaust pipes are mandrel bent for a more freer flowing exhaust. Mandrel bent tubing is the only way to go now a days and I would not install an exhaust system on any vehicle that did not have this type of tube bends. Mandrel bent tubing allows the exhaust gases to exit freely with very minimal restriction.

As you can see in my pictures above this exhaust system looks like it belongs on my truck, and it produces a very exciting exhaust note when you press on the go pedal. Surprising the sound in the interior of the vehicle is very pleasant and has no irritating effects or drone at all. One thing I noticed is my engine revs more freely now compared to the other systems that were on my truck. So a more freely revving engine means better throttle response, and translates into more seat of the pants power when needed!

Gas mileage is hovering around 12 to 15 mpg right now, so we are consistent with the other systems. It is just hard to monitor gas mileage properly when you are on and off the gas so much, but what the hey, this is just way to much fun to listen to this sweet exhaust note from the MagnaFlow Raptor exhaust System! Long term results will be posted as we get more mountain miles under our belts.

All I can say is this system right out of the box is a winner with me. It is of quality construction and is reasonably priced, not to mention that it has a limited lifetime warranty. That's right, MagnaFlow stands behind every product they produce! Do yourself a favor and check out MagnaFlow next time you are looking for added performance for your vehicle at a fair price.

MagnaFlow Contact Info:

Web site:


MagnaFlow Exhaust Products

22961 Arroyo Vista

Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688



Tel: 1.800.824.8664

Fax: 1.949.858.3600


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