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2011 Can-Am Outlander 800R Xxc

Test Platform

Can-Am Receiver Hitch

Part # 715000325


  • Fits: OUTLANDER Xxc & RENEGADE with hitch plate kit.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Does not affect ground clearance.
  • Trailer ball not included.
  • Note: Rear hitch plate (715000286) is required for Renegade & Outlander Xxc.

Total parts needed to install the receiver hitch on the Outlander Xxc & Renegade


Note: I put the hydraulic jack under the rear skid plate to take the pressure off the rear end. This will make it easier to remove the bolts and to replace them.

Remove factory hitch plate & axle boot protector.

Remember bolt locations, because 2 of the main bolts are different lengths, and must be reinstalled in correct bolt holes.

Oem Renegade &Outlander Xxc rear hitch plate beside our replacement hitch plate, part # 715000286.

Replacement hitch plate, with ball installed, but we are removing the ball to install the Can-Am ATV Rear Receiver Hitch.

I found it easier to assemble the Rear Receiver Hitch to the Hitch Plate, before I installed the Hitch Plate on the atv.

Install the assembled pieces on the atv, being very careful to reinstall the correct length bolts in the correct holes.

Torque the bolts to spec.

Reinstall the axle boot protector.

Notice the jack holding up the rear of the atv. This is extremely helpful during this installation.

Installed and ready for the ball installation.

I run mine with out a ball sometimes, and use a clevis in the rear ball hole to attach tow ropes for extracting other quads, 

that weren't as lucky to make it through the mud holes.

My Impressions:


Allows you to be able to use different receivers with different size balls on.

The receiver extends further out then the regular hitch plate allowing you more tongue length for turning clearance.


None with the product.

Bottom line:

If you want to tow anything with your Outlander Xxc or Renegade you will need to install either or both of the units we have installed above. Both machines are built to run, and race if you want to, but they are not equipped with a trailer hitch for towing.

The stock Outlander comes with the same hitch plate that we installed on our Outlander Xxc, and will accept a ball.

The Outlander Xxc & the Renegade have the same type of rear hitch plate, and you cannot attach a ball to either unless you install the components that we installed in our project.

You can get by with just installing the new hitch plate, because it will accept a ball. If you want the flexibility of being able to change out receivers, you will need to install the receiver hitch. One other benefit of having the receiver hitch is it allows the receiver to stick out further, allowing you more tongue clearance for turning when you are hauling a trailer behind you. When you are not hauling anything you can simply unpin the receiver hitch and remove it until it's needed next time.

Bottom line is, if you want to haul a trailer you will need this kit, and in my opinion Can-Am makes the best kit for this job. If you look in the pictures above you will see the hitch plate has some miles on it. It is because I installed it on one of the first Renegades that were built. It has been passed down from Renegade to Renegade,and now to the Outlander Xxc and it still has many miles left in it. If you are into using your atv besides racing it, then check out the Can-Am parts bin to accessorize your new ATV. Can-Am makes it very easy to personalize your atv, sled, utv, or Spyder, to your tastes.

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