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Trail Star Hand Guards # PM 14104

You will also need the Hand Guard Mount # PM 14252

to mount the PowerMadd Hand Guards to your atv.

We were going to use the Star Series Hand Wrap # 14253,

but they wouldn't fit into the Trail Tech Fat Bars.

Current Installations of PowerMadd Hand Guards & Wraps:

PowerMadd Star System Hand Guards Installation.

PowerMadd Star Series Hand Wrap Installation.

PowerMadd Installation Instructions:

Click the link below to check out the PowerMadd installation instructions in PDF form.

Yamaha Brake Adapter # PM14262

  • Note: In order to use your parking brake lever you will need to install the Yamaha Brake Adapter # PM14262 from PowerMadd.
  • Installation takes a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the 2 parking brake bolts as shown in picture # 1.
  • Install the adapter plate to the parking brake assembly as shown in picture #2.
  • Install the adapter plate with to the atv with the supplied shorter bolts as shown in picture # 2.
  • Picture # 3 & # 4 show how slick this adapter is.
  • Also shown is the warn winch controls in the same area. That's right, we figured we would be going paces we shouldn't be, and we will need that winch.

My Impressions:


Economical no vent design with a 1 year warranty.

Will work with most star system options.

Most of all is they are indestructible.



Bottom Line:

I highly recommend using the PowerMadd hand Guards on any of your atv's, MC's, etc., where you could have contact with an immovable object against your hands. I still have scars on my hands from a motorcycle accident involving a car, where I did not have any sort of hand guard to protect my hands from coming in contact with it's rusty body.

I have been using PM Hand Guards for many years now, and all I can say, is "Thank You Randy".

This is a safety item, and should be installed on any of your off road rides when applicable. I feel naked with out hand guards on my ATV's.

So, the bottom line, give PowerMadd a call and get yourself some hand guards today, that may save your hands tomorrow.

Contact Info:

Web Site:



5190 260th Street

Wyoming, MN 55092

Phone: 651-925-4144

Toll Free: 800-435-6881

Fax: 951-925-4145


How to purchase PowerMadd Products:

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