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Protect All

All-Surface Care

  • Protect All Does It All.
  • Quick, Easy Application.
  • No Tedious Detailing.
  • Carnauba Wax Showroom Shine.
  • UV Protection.
  • Versatile And Economical Specialty Cleaners.
  • Spray cans have 3 way adjustable spray valve.

Test Subject, BMW K1200LTE

Now you know, I don't just use any product on my trusted Beemer!

How to apply Protect All

Very quickly and easily.

  • Start with a clean surface before first application. Shake container well. Spray a section or apply directly with a cloth very, very lightly.
  • Immediately polish completely dry with a second cloth. The surface becomes so slick nothing will stick or adhere.
  • [Most people think, "If a little does a good job, more does better!" Not true with Protect All.]
  • Dirt and grime cleans off quickly and easily.
  • Overuse is wasteful and is difficult to polish dry. If streaks appear, you have used too much. Less is best with Protect All.

My Impressions


Protect All's water repellent carnauba wax can be used on all types of automotive paints, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, glass, Plexiglas and more.

It protects against the damaging oxidation that occurs on the fiberglass and gelcoat used on most RVs and boats.

Protect All's highly effective UV absorber additive helps to protect all surfaces by absorbing the UV light rays and blocking them from reaching the vehicle's finish

Protect All creates an incredibly slick, anti-static surface so dirt and grime will not stick, making future applications even easier than the first.


None yet, but remember to use a very small amount like the directions say to.

A little goes a long way!

Bottom Line:

Around here I find myself cleaning atv's, utv's, bike's and other forms of transportation much more often then I want to most of the time. What I wanted was a cleaner type wax that we could simply spray on, rub in to a haze and then wipe off.

Protect All quotes "It Does it all!", and that it does. It is a simple, easy application and quite simply saves you bunches of time.

The spray cans have a unique applicator nozzle that allows you to adjust the spray coverage for different applications. This not only saves you from getting spray in areas you don't want it, but also allows you to apply what you want to use, saving you from wasting product.

The key thing to remember when using Protect All, is a little goes a long way, so use sparingly, and you will get better results.

The bottom line is that I would highly recommend taking a look at Protect All if you are serious about keeping your machines looking spotless and new looking, but don't want to spend all day doing so!

Note: Product is best used and applied at temperatures of 60F/18C to 90F/26C.

Contact info:

Web Site:

Mailing Address:

Protect All, Inc.

1910 E. Via Burton St.,

Anaheim, CA 92806-1215


(800) 322-4491

(714) 635-4491


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