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• 2-piece system.

• Manufactured from high density polyethylene.

• Material that is both durable and weather resistant.

• Flexibility to fit multiple machines.


This roof will fit the following UTV's, and also the KYMCO UXV 500.

Mule 300 Series, Mule 600 Series,Polaris Rangers & Yamaha Rhinos.


Note: This job will go much easier if you have a buddy help you.

Step # 1

Position drivers side panel first.

My optimum position was as far forward as it could go, and tight up against the roll bar.

Step # 2

Position clamps where you can attach them to the roof easily, and also secure your roof the best.

Step # 3

Prop some boards up in the middle of your roof line to support your roof at the correct height before you secure your roof.

Step # 4

Hold your drivers side roof in position, and drill your holes using the clamps as templates.

Step # 5

Install your provided bolts and loosely tighten.

Step # 6

Line up passenger roof panel and drill and install bolts the same as the drivers side.

Note: make sure both panels line up evenly before you start drilling!

Step # 7

Make sure the boards are holding up the roof to the correct height, and drill your center holes

Step # 8

Install all your center bolts as you drill out the holes, and tighten.

Step # 9

Tighten the drivers & the passenger side bolts to spec.

Remove the center support boards, and you are ready to enjoy your new roof.

My Impressions:


Built from high density polyethylene material for durability and weather resistance.

2 piece design allows you to custom fit the roof to your UTV/UXV or other machines.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

One thing we found out really quickly after driving the KYMCO UXV 500 for a short time that we needed a roof to keep the elements at bay.

Unfortunately the UXV 500 is so new there are not very many parts available at this time for it, including a roof especially designed for this vehicle.

We turned to Quad Boss for their Universal UXV/UTV Roof which is designed to fit several types of side by sides. This roof comes in two pieces which allows you the flexibility to fit your roof to various vehicles.

This worked out great for me, because we were able to install it in roughly 30 minutes, with a very nice custom look & fitment. For the money this is a very good way to go, if you need to put a roof on your side by side.

If you are in the market for aftermarket parts for your side by side I would highly recommend talking to your Local Tucker Rocky/Quad Boss dealer. They can order you almost anything for your side by side or ATV, from the Tucker Rocky/Quad Boss catalog.

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