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SnoBunje 4-Point Tow Kit #1019


  • If you have ever watched the sled rental companies in West Yellowstone tow broken sleds, you will understand why this 4-point towing method is the only way to tow a sled.
  • This simple 4-piece tow kit is designed with the proper loops and latches to make towing a sled a breeze.

How to Use the 4 Point Tow Kit.

Step 1. Remove the drive belt from the sled that is to be towed.

Step 2. Position the pulling sled so that its back lift bar is between and in line with the ski tips of the sled to be pulled.

Step 3. Attach a short strap with buckle to each corner the pulling sleds back lift bar.

Step 4. Attach one long strap to each ski tip of the sled to be pulled, then thread the long strap into the buckle at each corner.

Step 5. Lift the ski tips of the sled to be pulled about 2" to 3" off the snow as each strap is pulled tight.

Note: Straps should be tightened so as to hold ski tips slightly off of the snow. This will keep the sled being towed from running into the pulling sled when they come to a stop. (See example below.)

My Impressions:


Brilliantly simple but effective.

Easy, safe towing.

Compact package that you can stow in your jacket.



Bottom Line:

The kind of products like this Snobunje 4 point tow kit is something you always have with you but hope you will never have to use yourself, right. This was the case today when my new Ski-Doo MXZ Renegade X 800R decided it wasn't going to run after racing a couple of Yamaha Sleds.

I just happened to have all my Snobunje products with me, just in case we got stuck or someone needed towing, brilliant you might say, eh!

It takes all of 2 minutes to hook up your sled to another sled, and off you go. Dave, one of my riding partners, offered to tow me back to camp with his Polaris 900. He towed me very easily and commented on how well this set up worked. Of course I rode shot gun on a sled that did not like me too much at this time.

So far we are looking at Polaris 1, and Ski-Doo 0 for 2009

The bottom line is I will always have my Snobunje tow gear with me at all times when I ride now. I highly advise you taking a trip to the Snobunje web site and investing in some tow products. You never know, they might just save you a walk back to camp sometime!

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