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Let's Get Stuck!

SnoBunje Cobra #1002

The ZEN of the Snobunje Cobra and Rattler

Properly used, Snobunje Cobra and Rattler will save time, frustration and backache. The key to the SNOBUNJE SYSTEM is it's ability to extend a consistent pulling force over a distance. As the stuck sled moves forward, pulling force is applied over a much longer distance than pulling by hand. This extended force allows the track to move into solid snow before the force is depleted. A Snobunje user must approach each with the idea of bringing as much of each Snobunje's pulling force to bear on the stuck sled as is possible.


  • The Cobra is sled-to-sled tool that can produce and hold hundreds of pounds of pulling force on a stuck snowmobile.
  • Also made of stretch cord bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube with a hook on both ends.

How to Use the SNOBUNJE COBRA.

Step 1. Establish a trail around the stuck sled. This may take several passes and it is important to remember that each situation is different and to use the approach that is to your best advantage. Attach Snobunje Cobra, leaving some slack, to the ski loop of the stuck snowmobile and the tow bar of an assisting snowmobile. (For best results we recommend installing a trailer hitch to your snowmobiles).

Step 2. The assisting snowmobile slowly moves forward with just enough momentum to avoid spinning their track, and sets their brake. Cobra will stretch to approximately 6 ft. and will hold 300 to 400 lbs. of pulling force.

Step 3. They then dismount their sled and attach Snobunje Rattler to a ski on the stuck sled. Using Method #1 the assistant adds another pulling force to the effort. With the Cobra holding an unattended pulling force and the assistant with the Rattler adding their force, the stuck snowmobiler throttles their sled, moving forward and to the side of the assistant. Whether using another sled or a tree as a dead man, or turning a stuck sled on a deep slope (we recommend hooking the uphill ski), Cobra can allow application of forces that you otherwise could not use..


  • When "Picker" gets stuck, you pull out the Snobunje Cobra, pic #1.
  • Hook up the Cobra as shown in pic #1.
  • Put as much pressure on the Cobra as you can, pic #2.
  • Hop off the sled, gun the gas on both sleds, and out you come, pic #3 & pic #4.
  • Note: This method saves putting undo stress on your back by trying to pull the sled out without assistance of the Snobunje Cobra's help!

Dave, shown here combining the Rattler with the Cobra

  • Note: We carry both the Rattler & the Cobra from Snobunje when we go sledding, as shown in Dave's pic above.
  • Hook up the Cobra, as shown in pic #1.
  • Hook up the Rattler, as shown in pic #2, and put pressure on both the Cobra & the Rattler.
  • Hit the gas on your sled as shown in pic #3, keeping pressure on the Cobra & the Rattler.
  • Pic #4 shows how easy you come out using this method.

My Impressions:


Strong stretch cord, bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube.

Rattler has a handle on one end, and a hook on one end that attaches to the ski of the stuck sled.

Cobra has hooks on both ends that attaches to the ski of the stuck sled and the rear of the tow sled.

Both the Cobra and the Rattler maximizes the pulling forces you can produce when pulling out a stuck snowmobile.

Both have keepers on the hook ends to keep the bunje from falling off the sled.



Bottom Line:

In my opinion if you don't have the Snobunje Rattler, Cobra, or both with you when you go sledding off trail you are asking for trouble.

When you get stuck you want to use as little energy as possible to extract yourself from where you are at. Undo stress cases fatigue, dehydration, undo sweating, and could lead to hypothermia.

I use both the Cobra and the Rattler when we get stuck. Some times the stuck situation determines which Snobunje you should use for getting unstuck.

Sometimes if you are in an area where you can't position the sled to get in front of you to get a clean pull, your only choice is to use the Rattler, or try to get into a down hill pull and use the other Snobunje aids.

If you have a clear area and get a sled in front of you for a tow the Cobra is my choice for towing. This bunje works like a dream.

When you are really stuck, and you have enough guys with you, hook up the Cobra & the Rattler together and multiply your pulling force. This method rocks as you see how fast Picker gets pulled out in the Rattler/Cobra pictures above.

The bottom line is, I highly recommend you bringing Snobunje with you anytime you go sledding. These products should be an essential part of your trail kit, especially if you go off trail.

Mine are with me anytime we go sledding now. So far I have had to use the 4-point tow, and both the Cobra & the Rattler when out exploring the outback. I am very glad I had these Snobunje Products with me, other wise I might of had a long, cold, walk back to camp!

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