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SnoBunje SlickTape 20 Tow Line #1005


  • A slick way to use Snobunje Rattler and Cobra. Slicktape 20 allows you to use Snobunje pulling tools standing 20 feet away from the stuck sled.
  • Developed from the same technology that gave us 'Kevlar', this super strong, super lite 3/4" x 20 foot towline has a 2500 pound tensile strength, fits in the palm of your hand and stores in a small nylon bag.

How to Use the Snobunje Slick tape 20 with the RATTLER & COBRA.

Step 1. Attach a Snobunje device to the ski loop of the stuck snowmobile. Then, using the rope and/or tie-down strap connect Snobunje to a stationary object such as another snowmobile, tree, etc.

Step 2. Next, pull the rope or tie-down strap in order to stretch Snobunje. Secure the rope.

Step 3. Finally, the driver stands beside their machine and throttles it until the sled pushes forward, freeing itself.

My Impressions:


Strong, super lite 3/4" x 20 foot towline,with a 2500 pound tensile strength.

Compact size is easily stowed anywhere.



Bottom Line:

This Snobunje Slick tape Tow Strap is just that, slick, compact, rugged, and it comes in handy for a bunch of applications. Usually we get products for review that are made to fit one role, not this Slick tape 20.

So far I have used it in my trailer to help tie down the sleds, extend my pulling distance with the Snobunje Cobra, and a bunch of other uses. This strap is very light weight, compact, and super strong, which makes it a very valuable part of your off trail kit.

This weekend when a fellow snowmobile rider got buried and was going nowhere, Snobunje was called on to help get this sled out of its mired position. The snow was so deep where he was stuck and I did not want to get to close to him, and maybe get stuck myself. So I hooked up the cobra and the slick tape 20 in tandem, which allowed me to get far enough from his sled as not to get trapped in the same hole.

I very easily extracted the sled from the hole, and was amazed at how easy it was. You are probably saying, why not use any tow strap? well you are correct any tow strap would get you some distance between the 2 sleds, but where are you going to carry that bulky tow strap? The Slick Tape 20 takes up very little room on your sled and can be carried easily along with the rest of your Snobunje gear.

So, not only will I be carrying this with me snowmobiling, but I will be packing it with us when we go atving along with the other Snobuje products we are using.

The bottom line is that I highly recommend investing in these Snobunje Products. You will be glad you did, they may save your day. I know they have made my day a lot easier, and I will not venture off trail without my handy "Snobunje Towing Survival Kit:.

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