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2009 Ski-Doo MXZ Renegade X 800R

Test Platform

Different Views of the SnoBunje Tunnel Bag installed on the MXZ

Snobunje Tunnel Bag

Part # 1036


  • Put that empty tunnel space to good use.
  • This excellent quality, expandable, padded bag is 8" deep, 15" long and will expand from 6" high to 10" high for extra space.
  • That's 1280 cubic inches of storage space!
  • Mounting straps are placed in just the right spots, for quick and easy installation.
  • This is an excellent bag for carrying our Snobunje pulling tools.


Expandable from 6" to 10" tall.

Paddedsides, top and bottom.

1280 Cu.In.,6-10 inches tall x 15" Long x 8" Wide.

My Impressions:


Expandable bag allows you to run the bag in 2 different sizes when you need extra space.

4 durable adjustable attachment straps.

4 bottom non-adjustable bottom attachment points.

Durable zippers and bag design.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

When we received the SnoBunje towing products the tunnel bag that we were using just didn't have the carrying capacity. When we loaded up our original bag it was all we could do to get the bag closed.

With the SnoBunje Tunnel Bag we can carry all of our tow straps, medical gear, in the non-expanded position. If we want to carry anything else we just unzip the top, allowing the bag to expand further, which gives you ample more space to carry other items.

I highly recommend taking a look at what SnoBunje has to offer you. If you go off trail, you will need their towing products, and if you have their towing products you will need some way of carrying them.

The Snobunje Tunnel Bag works excellent for doing this task. I wear a back pack, and yes I could carry the tow straps in my back pack, but then I would have extra stuff on my back, and I would rather have the sled carry it for me. After all if we get stuck, the tow straps are for getting the sled unstuck, not me, ha ha.

So if you snowmobile or atv, get with the program, and add SnoBunje to your list of must have!

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Casper, Wyoming 82604


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Toll Free: 1-877-250-2015

Fax: 1-307-472-1110

Office Hours: 9:00am- 6:00pm 1-307-235-0625

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