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2011 Triumph Tiger 800XC

Test Platform

2011 Ford Raptor 4Door Test platform

with the 6.2 Engine

Spectro Platinum 4 Motorcycle

Full Synthetic Engine Lubricant

SAE 10W50

Specifications For:

Platinum Full Synthetic

  • Platinum Full Synthetic is the ultimate synthetic engine lubricant.
  • Exceeds all known motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty requirements, plus A.P.I. SG/SH/JASO MA. Smoother shifting, reduced friction, increased horsepower, highest shear stability.
  • For street or track.

Available In:

10w40L.SP41412/1 liter bottles/case

15w50L.SP415512/1 liter bottles/case

10w50L.SP410512/1 liter bottles/case

5w40L.SP45412/1 liter bottles/case

15w50Z.SP415555 gal drum

My Impressions:


Full synthetic lubricant.

Has reduced friction which translates into increased horsepower.

Easier engine starting, and faster warm up's in cold weather.



Bottom Line:

Using a proven true synthetic lubricant like the Spectro Platinum 4 is actually what the Horse Power Doctor ordered for our 2011 Triumph Tiger 800XC.

I have used several different synthetic oils with varied results, but if you want to have better engine wear, easier staring in cold weather, much faster engine warm up times, the Spectro Platinum 4 is the way to go.

I know from experience that my engine will perform much better with the synthetic oil. I can feel seat of the pants horse power gains just by switching from a regular oil to the synthetic lubricants. My top end speed has increased by a few miles per hour also.

One of the other benefits I have noticed is slightly better fuel mileage too, which is nothing to shake a stick at with rising fuel costs nowadays.

Even if you are not looking for better engine performance switching over to the synthetic oil will allow you to reap many other benefits that will ultimately save you money in the long run.

With better reduced engine friction you should get longer engine life as well which translates into big bucks saved with the type of engines we run.

The bottom line is try the Spectro Synthetic Lubricant for awhile, and I know you will be hooked. I highly recommend the Spectro Products. Check out the dealer search in the Spectro web site to locate a dealer near you.

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Spectro Oils of America

993 Federal Rd.

Brookfield, CT. 06804





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