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Trail Tech X-Bar Red 7075

# TT-M-HP7 Red

X-Bar Facts:

Trail Tech X-Bars

The X-Bars are custom bent for a perfect fit on your quad.

X-Bars are ultra strong, reduce vibration and are made from heat treated 7075 aluminum for Extra Strength.

Available in seven colors and three bends to match your needs as shown in picture above.

Accept no ergonomic compromises when you move to 1-1/8 bars.

Combine the medium bend (95mm) and a Trail Tech X-Bar clamp to match the height of your stock bars.

Trail Tech X-Bars are 1-1/8" at the clamp and 7/8" at the grips.

ATV X-Bars use a custom ATV taper to fit the grips and all stock controls (brake lever, throttle, etc.) as shown in picture below.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


  • Installing the new bar requires a little patience and some mechanical skill.
  • Remove the stock bar.
  • Install the Trail Tech X-Bar. Notice the Trail Tech Vapor Dash Board it's installed in.
  • Note: I found it easier to leave the stock components on the stock bar until needed.
  • I then took off one piece at a time and installed it individually on to the new bars until i was satisfied on how it looked, as seen in picture.
  • Picture shows the completed Trail Tech Package that we are using for this build.

My Impressions:


Heat treated aluminum alloy construction.

Fat bars quite simply rock!

Red Anodized looks top shelf.



Bottom Line:

When we decided to install the Trail Tech Vapor Computer & Dash Board it was just a natural to install the Trail tech X-Bars to complete this package.

Everybody that has seen this set up has agreed that it would look and work great on their atv's too. I guess I better keep a close eye on my Trail Tech set-up, eh!

Let's face it, why does a sport atv come with out proper bars, no speedo or tach. Come on manufactures, get with it. I have tachs on all our utilty atv's, and they are factory oem.

If you want to have your atv wearing the proper equipment, you better give Trail Tech a call.

Contact Info:

Web Site:


Trail Tech

1600 SE 18th Ave

Battle Ground, WA 98604








Technical Support:

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