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KYMCO UXV 500 Rear Window Kits

Lexan Part # UXVRWS

Soft Part # GH-550-A0

My Impressions:


Multi piece kit construction.

Windshield is built of durable lexan.

Durable, quality built attachment lowers.

Easy maintenance with normal lexan cleaning procedures.



Bottom Line:

We have been running the KYMCO UXV 500 with their windshield for some tim,e and we like how it keeps the elements off of you while driving. Now I notice quite a bit of air circulating through the cab while we are driving, and I was now on the hunt for a solution to this new problem. If you look on most high end convertible sports cars you will see that they have a small rear window that fits directly behind the rear seats, to cut the flow of air through the car.

KYMCO has come up with a Rear Window Kit that takes care of this problem. It comes in a kit form with the top portion made of lexan, and the lower and lower side portions made up of polycarbonate material. This kit is very well made and fits perfect. I guess we expect nothing less then top shelf products from KYMCO.

Installation is something most back yard mechanics can do in short order as long as you have some basic tools, and a little common sense. KYMCO sends you a set of very easy to understand directions for installation, so just follow them and you will have no problems.

The bottom line is this KYMCO Rear Windshield compliments this set up very nicely, and I highly recommend it if you have installed a front windshield. So far the KYMCO Kit is the best I have seen that is offered for this application, and I would not recommend any others but the one from KYMCO.

Contact Info:


5 Stan Perkins Road

Spartanburg, SC 29307

TEL (864) 327-4744

FAX (864) 327-4745

KYMCO Website :

E-mail :

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