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Vehicle Oil Change Tips

Featuring Spectro Golden Motor-Guard Semi-Synthetic Oil

Test Vehicle: 2011 Ford Raptor with the 6.2 gas engine.
Step 1: Make sure you have enough oil that is recommended for your vehicle, and enough to get the job done, along with a good quality oil filter.

Next few steps: Drain your oil into a container. Remember to recycle. Don't forget to re-install your oil plug. Remove your used oil filter. Remember to check and see if the oil seal came off with the oil filter. Give the oil filter mating surface a wipe with a cloth to make sure there is nothing on the surface before you install the new oil filter.

Tech tip # 1: Most people just go ahead and install the oil filter dry. If you do this, your engine will not have oil right away when you start your engine.

What I like to do where possible is to pre-fill my oil filter as much as possible before installing the oil filter. Sometimes the filter installs horizontally, so you can only put a little oil in your filter without spilling in out while screwing it on. Remember a little is better then none.

Tech tip # 2: I like to spread a little oil on the seal before installing the oil filter. This will help your oil filter to seal better, and have fewer leaks.

Also remember to not tighten your filter too much, this will flatten out the rubber seal and maybe cause leakage.

Fill oil to factory level, start engine & check for leaks.

Turn off engine and check your oil level, top off if necessary, and you are ready to go.

That's it, a piece of cake.

Anyone can do this type of maintenance at home,with a little common sense. It is very gratifying to know that you did it yourself. I feel that a person that works on their own vehicle will know it much better, and will be prepared if something does go wrong down the road.Something as simple as an oil change can provide you with extra trouble free miles on your engine, and you might just get a bit better gas mileage too.

Why we use Spectro Oil:

Spectro Golden Motor-Guard semi-synthetic premium lubricant is offered in viscosities of 5w30, 5w40, 10w30, 10w40, and 20w50. These Motor-Guard lubricants are offered in mineral oil, and semi-synthetic formulations under the Spectro brand name. All feature 1,800 ppm of ZDDP friction-fighting additives, well in excess of available lubricants. Spectro Motor-Guard premium quality mineral oils are offered in viscosities of 10w40, 20w50, and SAE30.

Golden Motor-Guard Semi-Synthetic motor oil combines the best properties of petroleum and Group IV PAO synthetic base stocks to provide levels of protection unattainable by any conventional oil. Golden MotorGuard’s exceptional anti-wear additive uptreats (1,800 ppm of zinc and phosphorus) to protect flat tappets, reduce wear, extend component life, and provide tremendous lubrication protection in extreme heat conditions. Golden Motor-Guard provides excellent performance in high RPM racing engines and marine applications, as well.

Spectro automotive oils contain more than two times the Zinc (ZDDP) and Phosphorous of normal oils. Specially formulated for Vintage, Performance and Classic automobiles with the Zinc and Phosphorus your special car or trucks needs.

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Tech tip contributors:

Brian Miller

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