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Ventura Magnetic Tank Bag

Model 9112

Silverstone (Magnetic Tank-Bag) features:

• Super tough, quality ballistic fabric

• Clear map pocket

• Internal and external pockets

• Padded handle

• Shoulder strap

• Bound seams

• 16 litres

• High powered magnets

• 190 x 275 x 360 mm

• 7 x 11 x 14 inches

My Impressions:


16 litres is a nice size for the Tigers Tank.

Clear map pocket works great for any road map.

The side pockets and internal pockets hold your items that you want easy access too.

Bag is strongly built and bullet proof.

Magnetic base allows for easy installation and removal.

Comes with storm cover, but I have not had to use it. Bag is pretty waterproof as is.

Carrying handle and shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag with ease when not on the bike.


None yet.

Bottom Line:

Last season we did a circle tour of lake superior, and I noticed the other riders had tank bags on their bikes for carrying their cameras and other essential items. I like to take pictures but I usually carry my camera in my back pack. This is really a hindrance when you want quick access to your camera to take that special shot. You have to pull over, remove your back pack, and dig out your camera to take a shot. You get the drift, it's a pain.

I told myself that when I did my motorcycle ride reviews this year I would use a tank bag to carry my camera equipment in. Fortunately I had met up with the folks from Ventura at the Indy Show, and they have MC Tank Bags in their line up, amongst other motor cycle accessories. I let Amy from Ventura know what kind of cargo I would be carrying, and she suggested that I try the Model 9112 Magnetic Tank Bag. She assured me that this would be a nice sized tank bag, that would be perfect for my needs, and she was right on the money.

The Model 9112 is very ruggedly built, and looks like it will take any punishment I can give it. The bag is water proof, and even comes with a storm cover for those times when the heavens break loose and let the rains fall. There is an abundance of pockets to distribute your smaller items, likes keys and such, to my bulkier gear like my camera. The clear map pocket is a perfect fit for a folded road map, and is very easy to read while driving down the road.

One of the coolest features is the magnetic flaps that hold your bag to the tank. It takes seconds to install or remove your bag. Lets say that i have had this Triumph Tiger 800XC on some pretty rough roads, and just a couple of miles per hour over the speed limit, and this bag holds on tight and does not move an inch. When you need to access the gas filler cap, just slip the tank bag off, gas up, reinstall your tank bag and you are ready for some worry free road miles.

With the carrying strap and padded handle it is very easy to transport this bag while not in use on your bike. As a matter of fact, I carry this bag in my rear gear bag on my atv to keep the dust off of my fragile gear.

The bottom line is if you would like to have a secure way to carry your important items on your motorcycle, without carrying them on your back, then a tank bag is one nice way of accomplishing this task. The Ventura tank bags are quality built, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend taking a look at what Ventura can do for you next time you are purchasing products for your prized MC.

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Ventura Motorcycle Accessories Inc

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6925 216th St SW


WA 98036






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