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Vision Wheel's V-TEC Raptor 372

Gloss Black Machined Face


Gloss Black Machined Face

SIZE: 16x8, 17x8, 17x9, 18x9.5, 20x9.5 & 22x9.5

LUG COUNT: 5, 6 & 8

My Impressions:


  • Gloss aluminum machined face is a 10 in the looks and performance department.
  • Aluminum wheel is lighter weight then steel and is proven durable construction.
  • Our wheel is a full 9" wide which allows the wide tire to fit properly, versus a narrow wheel which would not allow the tire to fit correctly, which would cause premature tire failure.
  • Fitment on the truck is top shelf.


Wheel caps are plastic and are prone to breaking.

Bottom Line:

I have been asked why we wanted to install a different wheel on our truck other then the OEM Raptor wheels. There is nothing wrong with the Raptor wheels looks, but it is just not wide enough to handle the wider LT35x12.5R17 Kanati Mud Hogs tires we were going to install. If the tire just not fit on the wheel correctly it will wear out much quicker, and you may also have other issues with the tire ride quality too.

This is a good point to remember if you are going to install a wider tire on your truck. The first thing you have to check out, is your oem wheel wide enough to handle the tires you are thinking of installing?

With that information, we figured out which wheel from Vision Wheels V-Tec line would fit our needs. My choice was the Vision Wheel V-Tec Raptor gloss aluminum machined wheel. This wheel is a full 9" wide and can handle most tires that are built today.

This new V-Tec wheel not only works great with our Kanati Tires, but also looks great too. We have been putting this combo through our paces out here in Wyoming, and they are standing up to everything we are throwing at them. A lot of my driving is through cactus infested bad lands to climbing rock infested 2 tracks that make a goat think twice about climbing.

I have over 10,000 miles on these wheels already and they still look like brand new. They are holding up just fine, and look like they are ready for a Saturday night cruise with the show crowd.

The bottom line is, if you are planning on upgrading your wheels for your vehicle, take the time to see what Vision Wheel/V-Tec can do for your favorite ride. These wheels are strong, great looking, and priced right too. If I have to install another set of wheels on any of my other vehicles, V-Tec is going to be my first choice.

Note: The stock Raptor lug nuts will not work on the V-Tec Wheels. They are too large. I ordered my new lug nuts from Vision Wheel at the same time I ordered my new wheels.

Vision Wheel Contact Info:

Web site:

Address locations:

Vision Wheel - East Coast Division

3512-B 6th Avenue SE

Decatur, Alabama 35603

Toll Free: 1-800-633-3936 / 1-800-542-3998

Local: 1-256-351-2459

Fax: 256-353-0132 / Fax: 256-353-4995

Vision Wheel - West Coast Division

8610 Rochester Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Toll Free: 1-888-480-2030 / 1-800-927-6888

Local: 1-909-484-9888

Fax: 909-484-3300

Vision Wheel - Chicagoland Division

6675 Daniel Burnham Dr Suite C

Portage, IN 46368

Toll Free: 1-866-645-2664

Local: 1-219-764-7700



Face book:!/Visionwheel?sk=info

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