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Picking up the 2011 Harley Davidson XR1200X


Harley Davidson Headquarters in Milwaukee Wisconsin

2011 Harley-Davidson XR1200X

2011 Harley-Davidson XR1200X Features:

• Isolation-mounted XL Evolution® 1200 cc

V-Twin engine with black powder-coated finish

features downdraft Electronic Sequential Port

Fuel Injection (ESPFI), high-performance

camshafts, precision oil-cooled cylinder heads

and a large-capacity oil cooler.

• Upswept, high-volume 2-1-2 straight-shot

exhaust system with satin black finish.

• Cast aluminum swingarm.

• Showa® fully adjustable rear shock absorbers

and Showa big piston front forks.

• Nissin® dual front brakes feature 292mm

full-floating rotors and four-piston calipers

• Wide, low-rise handlebar

Dunlop® Qualifier D209 tires designed

specifically for the XR models.

• Gloss Black, 3-spoke lightweight Cast

Aluminum wheels with orange highlight,

18-inch front / 17-inch rear.

• Compact instrument display with white-faced

analog tachometer, digital speedometer, dual

trip meter and clock.

• 3.5-gallon fuel tank with aircraft-style

aluminum alloy fuel filler.

• Optional Harley-Davidson® Smart Security

System with hands-free, proximity-based

security fob.

2011 Harley-Davidson XR1200X USA Specifications

MSRP: Solids $11,799


Engine1 Air-cooled, Evolution® with oil cooled heads

Valves Pushrod-operated, overhead valves with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters; two valves per cylinder

Bore x Stroke 3.5 in. x 3.812 in. (88.9 mm x 96.8 mm)

Displacement 73.3 cu. in. (1200 cc)

Compression Ratio 10.0:1

Fuel System2 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)

Air Cleaner Paper cartridge type

Lubrication System Dry-sump


Primary Drive Chain, 57/34 ratio

Final Drive Belt, 68/28 ratio

Clutch Multi-plate, wet

Transmission 5-speed

Gear Ratios (overall): U.S.

• 1st 10.782

• 2nd 7.702

• 3rd 5.728

• 4th 4.748

• 5th 4.071


Frame Mild steel tubular frame, circular sections; cast junctions

Swingarm Aluminum Cast

Front Forks 43 mm Inverted Showa®

Rear Shocks Fully-adjustable

Wheels: Black, 3-spoke Cast Aluminum

• Front 18 in. x 3.5 in. (457 mm x 89 mm)

• Rear 17 in. x 5.5 in. (432 mm x 140 mm)


• Caliper Type Dual 4-Piston, fixed front, single-piston floating rear

• Rotor Type Patented, uniform expansion rotors

(diameter x width):

• Front (dual) 11.5 in. x 0.2 in. (292 mm x 5 mm)

• Rear 10.24 in. x 0.28 in. (260 mm x 7 mm)

Suspension Travel:

• Front Wheel 4.92 in. (125 mm)

• Rear Wheel 3.5 in. (89 mm)


Engine Torque (per SAE J1349):

• North America 73.91 ft. lbs. @ 4000 rpm (100 Nm @ 4000 rpm)

Lean Angle (per SAE J1168):

• Right 39°

• Left 40°

Fuel Economy

(EPA urban/highway test)

38/53 mpg (6.19/4.44 L/100 km)


Battery (per Battery Council International Rating) Sealed, maintenance-free, 12V, 12-amp/hour, 200 cca

Charging Single-phase, 30-amp system (357W @ 13.5V, 2000 rpm, 405W max power @ 13.5V)

Starting 1.2 kW electric with solenoid shift starter motor engagement

Lights (as per country regulation):

• Headlamp 55-watt low beam, 60-watt high beam

(quartz halogen)

• Tail/Stop Lights 8W/28W (5W/21W)

• Turn Signal Lights 28W (21W) self-canceling

• Indicator Lamps High beam, neutral, low oil pressure,

turn signals, engine diagnostics,

low fuel warnings, low battery,

security system3 (optional)


Length 87.6 in. (2225 mm)

Overall Width 36.6 in. (930 mm)

Overall Height 45.7 in. (1161 mm)

Seat Height:

• Laden 29.2 in. (742 mm)

• Unladen 31.3 in. (795 mm)

Ground Clearance 5.9 in. (150 mm)

Rake (steering head) 29°

Fork Angle 27.5°

Trail 5.2 in. (132 mm)

Wheelbase 60 in. (1524 mm)

Tires (Dunlop® Qualifier front and rear):

• Front – D209 120/70ZR18 M/C

• Rear – D209 180/55ZR17 M/C

Fuel Capacity 3.5 gal. (13.2 L)

(warning light at approximately 0.8 gal.)

Oil Capacity (w/filter) 2.8 qts. (2.6 L)

Transmission Capacity 1 qts.


• As Shipped 551 lbs. (249.9 kg)

• In Running Order 573 lbs. (259.9 kg)

• Gross Vehicle Weight 1000 lbs. (453.6 kg)


• Gross Axle Weight 1000 lbs. (453.6 kg)


• Front 340 lbs. (154.2 kg)

• Rear 660 lbs. (299.4 kg)


Solids • Black Denim

• White Hot Denim


Warranty4 24 months (unlimited mileage)

Service Interval First 1,000 miles (1,600 km),

every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) thereafter

Note: Recommended 91 octane or higher fuel (R+M)/2.

2011 Harley Davidson XR1200X Ride Review

My Impressions:


New color scheme.

Fully adjustable rear shocks & front forks.

Larger front brakes.

Blacked out engine & exhaust.


Still no gas gauge, but the fuel light does give you some warning that you need fuel right away.

Bottom Line:

Last year we did a ride review on the Harley Davidson XR100, and we were very impressed with that version of the bike, but we wanted to get our hands on the Euro version but it wasn't available in the USA at that time. 2011 brought the Euro version to us in the form of the XR1200X, and this model had most of the goodies that was on the Euro model last year.

Key features on the XR1200X are the fully adjustable front forks and rear shocks, larger front brakes, blacked out exhausts, and blacked out engine.

The cosmetics give this bike a more of a 50's era hot rod look, especially the Black Denim finish paint that we have on our bike. Combined with the blacked out exhausts, engine, and wheels, this color combo sets this bike off very well. I have had many good comments about how well this bike looks already, and a lot from long time Harley Riders, and that is big in my book!

My favorite feature is how many setting you have for your forks and rear shocks. This suspension set up is stellar and is very easy to tune. We rode the bike home from Milwaukee and with a few short pit stops to make suspension adjustments, we had the bike dialed in before we made it to Escanaba Michigan, a distance of 243 miles. The bike rides and performs very well on the open highway, but really comes into it's own when the road turns twisty. Being able to adjust the riding stance to open road, or dialing in the suspension to tackle the twisties takes very little effort, and can be done in minutes after you have learned how the system works. My advice is ride it, and adjust it to your riding style as you go, like we did on the way home from Milwaukee.

We received the bike with very very low miles, so the bike is getting broken in while we have it, so gas mileage is down a little from last years bike. It could also be because I cannot get out of the throttle, but this bike just wants to play, so who can resist that. I am getting right around 40 miles to the gallon for all around riding right now, and I bet you as soon as we get a few more miles on this bike it will improve some. The specs say roughly 38 city to 53 highway, and I know we will get very close to that. We have a ride coming up with the PGR from Escanaba to marquette, and I will be riding at constant highway speeds, so this should give me a chance to average out the gas mileage and see how well it is doing then. By the time we have that ride I should have about 700 miles on the bike this week, Yes I am riding everyday

One thing you get when you purchase this bike is a bike that feels at home in the city, rockin through the twisties or rolling down the highway, it just makes any ride you go on fun & enjoyable. In my opinion this is the most nimble Harley Davidson that I have every rode, and I am thoroughly enjoying doing the ride review on this machine. I feel that despite the fact that this is a 1200cc machine, it is very forgiving, and you will have to do something really stupid to make this bike misbehave for you. The power delivery is very smooth, but has great bottom end torque, and is very easily handled by most people that have some riding skill.

So far the XR1200X is rockin the stable here at ATVPT, and I feel Harley Davidson has done exactly the correct thing by upgrading last years XR1200 to the XR1200X model.


This review is strictly about my initial ride impressions, and doesn't in anyway reflect a long term review. For a long term review we need to have the vehicle here to ride for a period of 6 months to a year. That is the only way we can determine effectively if the bike will hold up to long term driving without any long term maintenance issues.

Harley Davidson Contact Info:

Web Site:


Harley-Davidson Customer Service

3700 W. Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208


Customer Service Phone:

(414) 343-4056

Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator:

Click this link to find a dealer.

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