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08 Yamaha Raptor 700

Test Platform

YUASA Smart Shot Automatic 12V 1.5 Amp Battery Charger

Product Number:YUA1201501

Comes with both sets of connectors for permanent install, or alligator clips to use on any battery.


  • Fully automatic 5 stage cycle for efficient charging
  • 28-day charge recycle re-evaluates battery condition for long-term storage
  • Up to 16 volts for recovery of sulfated batteries
  • Error proof operation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 3 year limited warranty

My Impressions:


6 or 12 volt charge mode.

Charges both regular & sealed batteries.

Diagnostic mode to alert if cables are attached incorrectly.

5 stage charging mode.

28 Day Charge/Float mode to keep your battery at peak charge.

Comes with attachments for quick attachment to battery or alligator clamps.



Bottom Line:

I bet you are surprised to learn that YUASA sells battery chargers too, and yes they do. We have been using YUASA Batteries in all our ATV's & motorcycles for years and we find them to be very reliable, and are ready to start your engine when needed.

We are testing several of YUASA's chargers right now, including the Smart Shot which is featured above. I have used a lot of charger here at ATVPT, and this one is right at home here.

This little power house can be used to charge 6 or 12 volt batteries of AGM or conventional lead acid batteries.

Very important to me is it's 5 stage charge cycle. Having a float mode allows you to leave your charger attached to your battery for extended periods of time where it will faithfully maintain your batteries charge for you. I like the accessory pack, which includes removable alligator clips, or hard wire attachments. This allows you to easily attach and remove your charger from your vehicle, with out having to attach alligator clamps every time.

This charger is priced right in the ball park with most other high quality battery chargers, and you get a lot of charger in a small package.

I faithfully use a charger when I am not going to be using my machines for extended periods of time. If you keep your battery charged, it will last for a long time, abuse it and it will let you down, no matter what brand you use.

The bottom line is if you have a properly maintained YUASA Battery in your ATV, you are good to go!

If you are looking for a quality, durable, & versatile battery charger, then I would highly suggest taking a look at what YUASA has to offer you.

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